It's Friday! It's sunrise*! It's the daily thread!

* as I type this, the sun is coming up in :honeybee: Manchester :honeybee:

Good morning all. How are you? I hope you all slept okay and have reasonable days ahead of you. I’m off to my neighbouring local authority. Cheekster 1 has the opening night of her school production tonight so there’s much excitement in the CCB household.

Anyway, for all my ramblings, here’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:38 16:46 09:08:51 +3:34
Brighton 07:34 16:55 09:21:01 +3:18
Glasgow 08:07 16:54 08:46:21 +4:05
Manchester 07:51 16:55 09:03:58 +3:41
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:47 17:11 09:24:15 +3:13
Newcastle 07:53 16:47 08:53:08 +3:56
Cardiff 07:48 17:05 09:17:05 +3:23
Belfast 08:09 17:05 08:56:00 +3:52

Have good days, everyone :blush:


Morning all.

On my way into the office, as I have an interview for a promotion this afternoon. I’d normally take the day off for an interview, but way too much in to do that.

Feels too warm for the hat and scarf I’ve put on through force of habit.


WR Island:
:sunny: 09:04
:waxing_gibbous_moon: 15:32

Look at that! Sunset past 15:30 and in a day or two the sun will rise before 9am! Also with the near full moon it feels a lot less dark in the evenings :full_moon_with_face: (<this was meant to be a moon amoji but you can’t really tell with the emojis we have on here)


Only in Manchester!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



I’m at the airport, soon to fly to a weekend trip with my Dad and my two brothers. Quite excited tbh, think the last time we did something like this was 2016. 3-ish hours sleep but feeling alright (so far).

Apparently the airport wifi here is duff, my work’s proxy is outright refusing to engage with it.

London: the sun has risen.


Where you going m9?

‘break a leg’ to the cheekster 1. what production is it? or is it an original?

Flying to Geneva, to go skiiing - my dad is semi-retiring and wanted to do a trip with us to celebrate.


Terrible terrible night sleep, but were on our way to Norfolk now. Going to Cromer today which im looking forward to! Currently south of Nottingham i believe. Stopping in about an hour for breakfast.

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It’s Matilda: The School Production Of The Musical Of The Book :slight_smile:

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Oh nice! Wave at King’s Lynn on the way past :slight_smile:

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Off to do the school run shortly, once I can persuade Jimbo to brush his teeth. Literally anything else is preferable to him right now - drawing, watching tv, singing Paul McCartney’s Merry Christmas Everyone…

Basketmakers at lunchtime with @grievoustim , as well as picking up the new Go! Team and Rose Dougall LPs


I’m having really odd Internet issues. On my WiFi I can’t access bbc, but can access guardian. Laptop doesn’t think there is Internet. Fuck

Silly question but have you reset the router? Had a weird internet problem the other day and this fixed it.

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Yeah it is a good idea, but I’ve reset everything and it’s fucked. EE tell me 16 hours to fix it.


Out on the picket line this morning. Bit colder than I expected - glad I put my big coat on.

Gonna go for a nice coffee and/or get something nice for lunch when we’re done.

Gotta take dog to the v-e-t to get his nails done later :nail_care:


Morning, still got the hire car from my work trip till 10 (we’ll it’s a van but that’s by the by), so I’m in sainos doing a big shop

Only one till open and the people in front have 2 trollies worth

Pint at lunch with Rob, then I might go play some pool then more pub this evening


Early dart from work at 3 then off to york for the weekend with the TV, her sister and her mum and we’re meeting the tv’s friends at night, thing i’m going to a drag show with 7 women tonight which sound right up my street to be honest.