It's Friday. It's the evening. Here's the thread

Go wild!

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I need to make dinner but I’m very tired. Only 1000 more words of dissertation to do.

just want to die.

Oh I do not envy you, what is your dissertation on?

We on the other hand do not want you to die please


I’m at The British Sea Power gigs at Rough Trade East. They’re finished now and I’m in the queue for getting shit signed.


I’m feeling pretty ill and it’s exactly 37 hours and 18 minutes until I run a marathon.


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Got a hot take - think that fake plastic trees is Radiohead’a best song. It’s clearly the reason why Coldplay exist, but a top, top tune nonetheless.

Creative writing being used to teach foreign languages. It has nearly turned into a postmodern rant about what even is good writing?

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sitting about the house, should have gone out tonight but I don’t have the £££. Might go for a walk but i’m then afraid the cat will piss off and leave me alone. Decisions decisions.

I need to start a data analysis paper but idek where to start with that.

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Evening WR,

Just wolfed down some noodles and gonna drink these:

Venturing out into town shortly to meet the #ladz that I play football with. They intimidate me somewhat.


Evening wr, other denizens of DiS. Going to drink two of these beers in my childhood bedroom and then it’s off to my uncle’s retirement party in a pub I haven’t been in since I got kicked out of it on NYE 2007.

Sorry WizLiz! Wasn’t meant to be a reply to you!


Does the new stuff sound good?

Beer pic for beer pic :beers: - cheers! Hope you have fun at your uncle’s party!

Ooo and what’s that beer like KG?

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Nah m9, it’s definitely The Creeps (Definitive Ambient Mix).

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Enjoy that beer! Love the name! :beers::beers::beers:

Bitter start, then a nice sour raspberry aftertaste! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Bangers and Mash

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Ate two burritos, watching two eps of masterchef, gonna drink two beers and go to bed. What a week!

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Do you sleep wrapped up in a tortilla wrap?


The new album is ok. Probably a 7/10 but worth a listen. I had it on all day as I was seeing them tonight. I got my Decline Of British Sea Power signed which I’m very pleased with