It's Friday Night eh?

Still afternoon here, but past the 6PM curfew to start said thread there, yeah?

How we all doing? Plans? Dinner?

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halfway through my second can and I’m still feeling down, it’s not a good sign

Hope you feel better soon buddy!

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fuck, it’s friday? decided it was thursday for some reason

WFH today so now have no desire to leave the house. Bojack and rum it is.

Standard pizza then off out for a mate’s birthday. Could do with it stopping raining, really.

gym. some soup after that. maybe a bit of basketball.

Bit wet out, innit? Going to a gig tonight, reaaaaaaly cba

getting rained on on my way to see bouncing souls

You’re a good man NY. Never let it be said otherwise.

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Oh, and, um… The Captain Underpants Movie :smiley:


this homemade?

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Might order 3 large pizzas tonight after seeing that beaut. Mamma mia!

Pizzzzzzàaàaaaaàaaàaaaaàà then bed

Bojack and rum, solid Friday evening :+1:


What gig?

@japes m8 is this bit edible I can’t tell


just remembered a time when I worked with someone who hated that song wanna go surfing by the drums and every now and then I used to pop my head round the corner of the door to his office (he had a very small room he worked in alone) and would go something like ‘Hey Matt, just wanted to ask whether you WANNA GO SAAFFFFINNNN’

proper legend I was.

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think I hate that song too


Hi NY and other nerds,

I have done NOTHING today apart from have a bath and move from bedroom to sofa. Not feeling guilty tho cos I’ve been poorly so need to lie down a lot.

Feeling a little bit upset my BFF is going to to see Hannah Gadsby tonight. I didn’t even know she was touring until AW mentioned it and I would have liked to have gone. Also she’s going with one of my absolute favourites of her friends so it would have been nice to have been invited along :cry: gotta remind myself I do loads of stuff with different groups of friends and don’t invite her to everything so it’s fair enough and maybe she didn’t even realise I liked her too.

Gonna watch some stand up and drink a few beers. Maybe a little prosecco to celebrate Friday.

Anyone have any good stand up recs? Women especially but all suggestions welcome! Thanks :blush:

Hugs to everyone x