It's Friday Night, It's 6PM, It's not TOTP but IS the Friday eve Thread

Goddamn. On my way over, FL. That looks immense.

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Are you feeling a little peckish this evening?

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You triple duntin pizza?! Nice :grinning::+1:

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Having some wine then heading to a museum late where sacred paws and the pastels are playing

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Who are you going to see?

This bar is full of dogs just giving it the big one at eachother. Amazing stuff.

Three cockapoos, a Yorkshire terrier and a gorgeous golden retriever.

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Evening all :wave:

Cooking for 14 people tomorrow so tonight I’m making mezze starters and marinades and the like. Not sure what else is in store.


What a beaut. I want one.


Courtney Barnett


good evening

today at work we had a baking competition for children in need and i won!

this is the winning recipe if anyone is interested - salted peanut butter cookies. mine looked absolutely nothing like the photos

i’m really pleased to have won because i have a lot of dietary intolerances so don’t have a lot of choice with what i bake so it’s nice that people actually liked something i made without it being ‘the gluten-free option’


Nice. Enjoy.

In the Innis & Gunn bar, it’s pretty decent and has a decent :beers: selection, but the music is really really bad. Like it was all chosen by a rockier only into stuff from the 70s and 80s.

Hopefully getting :pizza: later.

I’m going to get a take away, probably a shitty dirty burger from a shit hole. But, the revelation is it’ll be delivered. To my house.

Fuck. I love being back in the city

Anyone want a quiet chilled out eosidenof my podcast? Do it. Will be the perfect soundtrack to your Friday… Evening.


Thought I heard my pizza arriving but I think it was just a drug deal. Rubbish.


Not to me.



I still feel absolutely bloated and a bit unwell from eating a lot yesterday.

I might make do with either a fish finger sandwich or beans on toast for dinner.

As I’ve got the house to myself tonight I’m going to binge on Making a Murderer.

Sadness in his eyes.

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