It's Friday night... Not one minute we can lose

Let’s go let’s go

Hi. Soup, sofa, bed. Shit day at work, 5am start tomorrow

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Nice :sunglasses:


I’m at the Barbican for the first time. Found a drum ensemble (best pic I could get)


Hello. Having an early night tonight.

  • Chippy
  • Try another Local Chinese in the hope that this is the one

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Had a coffee at about 4pm that was so strong I’m sat here almost crying with anxiety. It’s simultaneously nice and wavy and seriously unpleasant.

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90% of food from Chinese takeaways is a bit shit, imho. Went through a brief phase of having shredded beef in plum sauce on salt and pepper chips from a place - that was good.


Hiya tilty!!!

Agreed. I usually get some sort of curry. Astounding how bad most places get that.

Friday Night, Chippy Tea thems the rules.

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Chicken Fu Yung’s normally a safe option. Great couch stodge.

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Actually all’s fine :slight_smile:

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Evening evening, had a decent day, got to have lunch with my parents on my lunch break which was nice. On the train home: sadly though the TV has had to deal with some unexpected bullshit this afternoon, so talking that through via messenger. So much second hand anger on her behalf :angry:

Very sick, not left sofa, nachos for dinner, watching out for the big Resident sale

Tired, bit miserable, had this for tea though

and got some beer so that’s nice. Need to go to the shop in a bit, might get a nice treat.



Fajitas for tea

Left ear is blocked/sounds all fuzzy and it’s incredibly annoying.

Is that Spam?

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It is!


Banger for you

Pizza done.

Take dog out, open wine, eat crisps, be asleep on the sofa by ten.

Happy Friday lovelies :relaxed:


Eh up

:-1: Mostly shitty day, work was bad and then had to leave early to help my girlfriend who was trapped by our baby having an absolute meltdown out on her walk.

:-1: Home now and we have to prepare food and our flat for guests tomorrow when we both just want to have a drink and go to bed early.


:+1: We booked some flights for a holiday in 2 weeks time so that’s exciting. Also nuggets and chips for dinner.

:+1: got a scratchcard to do and I’m feeling preeeettttttttty good about it :wink: