It's Friday night! We gonna dance and party all night

I’m potentially meeting a mate for social distancing cans in the park next week, but wondering if that’s the best idea.

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Happy Friday evening party people. Spent this afternoon delivering packs of food, toiletries and toys for a local refugee charity. Hearing the kids get all excited when their new toys arrived :cry::heart: Got homemade pizza tonight, reckon a G&T is on the cards too…


You are my inspiration.

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“Me and Jon are zooming about it”

Zooming? I was absolutely livid


Evening all!

Pretty unsatisfactory last day of work for a bit for a number of reasons.

Wor Lass has been in a bit of a mood all day so I took The Child out for a bit and have tried to do the rest of the parenting. Not entirely happy with the distribution of labour but unlikely to do much good complaining about it.

Just did a mini disco with The Child to wear her out for bed.

Might watch The Dead Don’t Die tonight.

Thanks so much :blush:

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Evening all

About to eat pizza and watch Boogie Nights with the kids (don’t worry, they aren’t actually children). Also have beer, then going to watch Gogglebox and Friday Night Dinner

you have a fireplace where the telly should be

you’ll be paying FULL PRICE I presume???

freeloading off of a keyworker, aint i :smiling_imp:

Anyone wanna swap nudes?

called the police, they’ll be with you shortly


5 year’s ago jordan 229 nudes were attractive.

today, they are not.


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i’m stuck in a polaris world hell, why did you do this

Made a right mess making a big pan of spicy macaroni.

Might watch a Terrorvision documentary

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Evening chums,

Spent the last few hours reading with my sweet girl resting her head on my shoulder and purring like a freight train.

Going to get drunk and watch music concerts /videos all evening. Standard Friday night in.

Love you x


Plz excuse my strange elf ear

Opened a wanker beer now


Aww :blush: yours is nice and discreet tho! Mine is massive and conspicuous (the other one is normal too, although bigger than I’d like it to be)

Ps. You are v pretty x