It's Friday night! We gonna dance and party all night

I don’t get it

Look at Monopoly man’s hat.

still not getting it

Spells ‘fag’ I’m guessing not by accident.

lol oh right

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I don’t like to be compressed, let my boobs shine! (ngl, I do love my boobs)

I think that’s kinda it! Feel like the instructors on fit app with their cami tops, except when I look down and see my tummy bulging out :joy:


Gonna watch Beetlejuice


Kim Gordon spinning some tunes on 6music right now

been meaning to make paneer curry for days… and then it turns out i only bought 1 pack of paneer??? housemate happy to wait til tomorrow so am having oven pizza.

i could actually write a dissertation about how problematic season 4 of ANTM is. racism (contestants and production!), sexual harassment (once on a shoot, arguably when Janice Dickinson basically goes in wayyyy too hard on Tyra at a judging when they were meant to be showing how you ‘model’ passion… like literally got on top of her and stuff D: ), absolutely appalling weight stuff - there’s a verrrryyyy unpleasant theme of fat shaming a girl who LITERALLY IS A SIZE 8 AT MOST oh my GOD, judges and contestants consistently sniping about weight.

Tyra is actually the least awful judge. Janice seems constantly drunk to me and doesn’t give any helpful critiques (just likes to shout the loudest), Nigel Barker is cold, aloof and a bit pervy, Nole Marin - literally don’t get me started - he is appalling and just says horrible things to the girls,nothing even vaguely approaching helpful (if you want a lol though, his Wiki page was clearly written by someone who hates him, there’s not even a mention of ANTM on there).

gonna have to watch other seasons back to see if it was always THIS problematic.

Booze has gone right to me cheeks.


Dolly is doing a bedtime story now. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart_eyes:


Poll inspired by @whiterussian beautiful :tangerine: selfie.


  • With bits (Correct answer, well done👍)
  • Smooth (oh dear :confused:)

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Might make banana bread


Where’s it from?

Hurry, before it goes out of style.


AQOS was excellent


This is the important part.

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Nobody really knows, this is interesting though


Ah think both of those have those type of offers on anyway normally, to try get you in.

Not sure about flavourly, but beer52 isn’t wankery enough for these parts.

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