It's friday night, what's going on eh?


got daal for dinner. can’t have booze so might have a rare friday night pot of coffee.

might watch a movie and/or some more twin peaks.

wuu2 huns?

Hello Eric. Day off today. Currently finishing up watching Maniac Cop, with a beer in hand.

Popping over to a friends shortly for more beverages.

did someone say bevragino?



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Barbeque. Sitting waiting to whack those vegetarian delights on right now.

Then probably some wine and television, be asleep by 10 I imagine…


Was supposed to be BBQing, but the weather looks distinctly post-sunshine stormy.

On some alcohol free beers for now. If anyone’s near a Lidl these are surprisingly good

Had 3 strong park cabs

This one stook it’s nose in my face


I bought BBQ stuff but it’s not really bbq weather now

Oh well, will still be nice eaten indoors

it’s fucking roasting mates

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Massive SIGHS. Going to treat myself to a wee trip to Morrisons, exciting :blush: That’s where, my beautiful friends, I will buy SOME WINE and then I will drink it, glug glug glug.

Don’t know what to have for dinner, feeling very uninspired after my over indulgence this week. Kind of just want something really easy, maybe pasta in a tomatoey sauce? Bit of basil? Pfft. Okay then.

I will mostly be spending my weekend pinteresting and taking inspiration from whatever DIY threads there are on DiS because you all have such excellent taste. @Scout 's selfie earlier with your wonderful hair, what a beautiful colour of wall you have!!! What’s it called? Apologies, I feel I may have asked you this already :blush:

Bought a tiny sieve which arrived today, might make some egg white cocktails later on :eyes:

LOVE YOU ALL. Sorry for the megaramble.


Was supposed to be cracking the flags today but it’s just been cloudy and humid. And now it’s bloody raining. Disappointed / 10.

Still, beers and Friday pizza is always a good thing.

Still feel like :poop:. Got leftover pulled pork baguettes for tea though so that’s nice.

climbed a hill for the first time since March, legs hurt now


I bought a parking disc earlier and two came out of the machine instead of one so now I’ve got 4 parking discs cause I already owned two but left them at home.

Gonna go park in a bit, big bag o’ cans etc. For now though I’m sat in my garden treating myself to Superunknown


Curry for dinner later. We’re going with a recommendation from the people’s house we’re staying at for the week, but…

We had the drive from hell this afternoon. They recommended a beach which we were told would be quiet. So far so good. And we know some roads down here aren’t especially wide. But being first put in a position where we had to reverse back uphill and round a corner of a single track road back to a passing point, then another road so off the beaten track the car was bashed with branches on both sides for about a mile, and then getting to the beach and it being rather disappointing (tbf, that was partly due to the weather), I’m currently not too hot on their recommendations

Had some very nice food with some ok dissers. Probably should’ve taken a before photo. Spent ages trying to get into a beer garden somewhere, eventually went inside and then heavens opened :smiley:


came down a mountain?

Had three pints with a massive lunch at St. Luke’s. Still feeling a bit wonk because of it and not particularly hungry.

Have the extreme and undeserved privilege of some socially-distanced garden beers with DiS royalty tonight. Jamming Benji by Sun Kil Moon to get myself in top form.

I even bought some new handwash to mark the occasion.