It's friday night. woooooooo!

wuu2 huns

think we’re doing homemade fish n chips, double masterchef and then a movie if i can stay awake. well fancy going to the pub for a last knees up but definitely wont.

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My own personal cinema, waiting for Parasite to start😎


Tempted walk over to the pub because it’s littterallllly in my house

But I’ve got no money anyway so I might go deliver some food.

My animals fell over

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Doing fuck all tonight. Might have a clear out, even though I only moved in 6 weeks ago so I’d basically just be rearranging my stuff.

Potato waffles and birds eye chicken things for tea, the freezer is slowly emptying, might have to think about cooking something soon.

Think I’ll go for a drive tomorrow just to get out of Brislington for a bit

Gonna go on a pub crawl and get shit faced. Not really, staying in and having fish and chips and mushy peas for tea and having some of my siren beer delivery

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might be your last chance for a while eh

What a fucking day :grimacing: my dream of having a lunch break and a sit down turned out to be pure fantasy and now I’m exhausted. Got hot dogs for tea and might crack open the emergency farm cider.

I’ve got almost Christmas levels of booze and snacks ‘just in case’ but I daren’t touch any of it.
Probably have a can or two and some seaweed thins though. I don’t know why I’m treating it as some ‘emergency use only’ haul because if I am at the point where I have to stay in for 2 weeks, I’ll probably be too ill to do any boozing.

that’s what I’m hearing

Home, about to do me some dwinking.

There Shall be Booze
Had tinned spaghetti, cheese and jacket potato. Literally a children’s meal

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They’re ok just a bit dazed from being knocked over by the blind last night. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Already one bottle of wine down.

Gonna get so fucked


Hi everyone

Wish I could hug you all x


Think it’s only fair we all go to our local boozers and have a big old knees up before they close, invite all your mates

gonna treat myself to two (2) bottles of sierra nevada tonight


Drinking a rhubarb sour, woooo


Ah shit I just stood on all of my Alpen bars


Nearly half a bottle of gin down.

I’m part of skeleton staff for the next four weeks as I have no children. One week in. One week wfh. Two weeks “Easter”. Not sure when those responsibilities will be so could be anything from Monday onwards.

26 key worker children all in all and 3-4 staff each week to babysit them. Feel personally received to now know for now what I’m doing.

Woman in Tesco who I get gin from every Friday and have a lovely chat to, said she would try and hold back some eggs and bread for me tomorrow morning as she’s working as I said I have no food and haven’t been able to get any. Asked her if she’s okay and I hope people have been nice to her. She said not really. Fucking dicks.

Will hopefully go see her tomorrow and remind her how thankful I am of nice people in the world x