It's friday night!

what you up to? I’m drinking some polskis :sunglasses: :beer: and reinstalling windows :disappointed:

wooooo friday party


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Partying it up in fackin laahndan :grinning:


Drinking a cuppa. No idea what’s for dinner. The TV is whacked and I’m unsure what she fancies doing. Might push for a burger. Gonna go bed well early.

don’t think she fancies anything if she’s dead mate haha

we are having aubergine stirfry bd

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Fuck off

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I’m off out to play squash in half an hour, hopefully my legs can take it

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hi eric and etc,

I was going to buy some zywiec as well, but went for lech in the end, which is still my go to polish beer despite not being the best

I have a pie and chips for dinner. going to watch either Rosemary’s Baby or Now You See Me 2. tough call

Crying into my bloody handkerchief.

What’s good on Netflix? I haven’t seen most things and have a friend’s* login

*homer/kids shaking heads gif

basically zwyiec if i wanna take it easy or tyskie if i wanna get wrecked

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unabomber thing is good

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Currently have Notting hill lined up which just seems insane I don’t know why

Now You See Me 2 clearly

stop following me around

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Do I need to watch 1 first

Hmm looks v interesting good call

more of a celt but note taken

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Just hit play in Notting hill


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that’s on there as well. great double bill