It's friday night!


what you up to? I’m drinking some polskis :sunglasses: :beer: and reinstalling windows :disappointed:

wooooo friday party


Partying it up in fackin laahndan :grinning:


Drinking a cuppa. No idea what’s for dinner. The TV is whacked and I’m unsure what she fancies doing. Might push for a burger. Gonna go bed well early.


don’t think she fancies anything if she’s dead mate haha

we are having aubergine stirfry bd


Fuck off




I’m off out to play squash in half an hour, hopefully my legs can take it


hi eric and etc,

I was going to buy some zywiec as well, but went for lech in the end, which is still my go to polish beer despite not being the best

I have a pie and chips for dinner. going to watch either Rosemary’s Baby or Now You See Me 2. tough call


Crying into my bloody handkerchief.

What’s good on Netflix? I haven’t seen most things and have a friend’s* login

*homer/kids shaking heads gif


basically zwyiec if i wanna take it easy or tyskie if i wanna get wrecked


unabomber thing is good


Currently have Notting hill lined up which just seems insane I don’t know why


Now You See Me 2 clearly


saw a man on the train with a t-shirt that said

The Gender Agenda - Feminism Kills

with a skull with a crown on it


stop following me around


Do I need to watch 1 first


you could do with a shave Hun

autocorrect with the ethnic slur capitalisation there


Hmm looks v interesting good call


more of a celt but note taken


Just hit play in Notting hill