It's friday night!

MAssive film crew outside to film an advert. The managing company gave them permission but they didn’t actually ask any residents and they’ve got the brightest lights ever blazing into the flats of people who have babies to get to sleep shortly. I’d be really pissed off if I was on that side of the courtyard. Glad I’ve just got a tent outside my window and the snack table…might try and steal some of their food.

Had a really good potato curry from Chapati cafe.

Just to document my further ailments on here in case I do in fact die from whatever is up with me lately - my headaches turned to nausea for the last few weeks and for most of today my heart rate has been really high. Pray for me DiS.

I’ll probably just watch a bit then do a bit of friends then maybe some game of thrones while playing stick cricket the whole time

Happens all the fucking time in my block, always extremely snarky upper class loafheads parading their council permission slips as they merrily block the only staircase with their fucking floodlights

how do we mute users again

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Just hope that they die of their consumption before it gets too much

I’m at my penoid event that I’ve been looking forward to all week and my brain’s telling me I don’t want to be here. Anxiety eh, wot r u like lol


I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t hate people who work in TV so much. Management company are getting paid a grand I think and they said they’ll buy us flowera for the garden with it but having not consulted any of us on it I think we should at least get to say what happens with it. Or maybe I’ll be a total dick and try and claim my share of it (I won’t)

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Cheers brain, sitting in a quiet corner of a bookshop seems like the perfect time to trigger the fight or flight response, well done.

You cunt.

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Sitting in the bar post dog sledding chatting about our doggos’ personalities. Gonna miss the cuddly ones.

Just tried to suppress a sneeze and failed, and made the weirdest sound that’s every come out of my body, at great volume. In a bookshop.

So that’s good.


Mate you’re king of the penoids. Now smooth down your ironed jeans and go kick some ass!

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Just going to listen to Mount Eerie and try not to think. Death is real.

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We love you gp


Why would he need to smooth ironed jeans? Surely the point of ironing is to get rid of the creases?

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Convinced myself I want to go to the chip shop instead of have toad in the hole for dinner. Need to decide if I can be bothered to go to the cinema tonight (wife booked Maze Runner 3 and Downsizing for us)

Just got back from my big adventure to the nearest pharmacy – was literally out for two hours. Managed not to fall on any ice, but I did drop my phone in some icy water! Picked it up immediately and dried it off, and so far it doesn’t seem to have been damaged. Knock wood etc. Going to reheat some curry from last night and eat it whilst doing some crosswords, then get out a bottle of wine and put on Britannia. All the while hanging out with the cuddliest pair of cats in existence. Top, top Friday evening.


Some lad just walked in wearing Sharpe’s coat.

man why am I so bad at having conversations? my new(ish) flatmate has taken to sitting in the kitchen for most of the day and I’m totally not equipped for it. aside from some generic questions (what are your plans for the day?) and stuff about her pHD I’ve got nothing, so most of the time I just smile like an idiot

Woo party friday night wooo