It's Friday Night!


plans? booze? etc?

i’m gonna play video games, maybe watch a film and probably go to bed before 11pm. woooooooooo


Lasagne night!!!



Gone to watch Den of Thieves to kill time before The Soft Moon at the Dome tonight. Hoping for
enjoyable Gerard Butler nonsense. Have snuck in 3 tins of lager to the screen. Naughty


Hiding in a bar until I meet up with my pals. Talked them down to a few frames of pool before pseudo hippy bullshit - hoping I can stretch that out to a few hours and get them pissed so we don’t have to do said hippy bullshit


What’s the hippy bullshit?


Smoking drugs while doing watercolour paintings.

Literally my personal hell




As mentioned in the other thread Ginge is here. He’s already asked can I “hook him up” for tonight and is there a rave on. I am going to guide him towards quiet pints in a nice pub on the southside and hope noone gives him drugs.


“Great food, great conversation, many layers.”

  • thewarn lasagna night 2018


Christ :grinning:


If it does go ahead please can you post a photo of your masterpiece on these here boards?


my leg really hurts, no idea why, I haven’t done anything with it.


Have spectacularly managed to do no work today. Need to head out to the big Tesco in a bit to do a big shop. Feeling pretty bad as I promised I’d make limoncello for an Italian themed night tomorrow but haven’t and it turns out it takes two weeks to make - can I just buy some and pass it off an my own?

Suggestions for dinner gratefully received.




Things might get a bit saucy later :wink:


Im going to get drunk and swear at the curling


“I- Can I see your Bolognese?” :wink::wink::wink:


I 110% will not be participating.


trying to find somewhere that’s not a shit chain restaurant for dinner in about 8hrs

just fucking about until then


Hmmmm. I didn’t go to the pub. Indecision is taking over. Do I run out the door now and go!? aaahhh!! I don’t know what I want anymore!!!