It's Friday!


Morning all!

Woke up really early this morning as the TV was shuffling about and making a noise. I’m pretty tired but powering through because I have so much work to finish today before I go on hols. Leaving the house tomorrow at about 5.30 am UK time and getting to the hostel at around 9pm San Francisco time on the same day :weary: but YAY HOLIDAY

What are your weekend plans DiS?


oh balls, please shut my one down @1101010


morning Carmen, remember to wear a flower in your hair etc.

Writing my end of year self-assessment form before work, fucking horrendous.


Tonight: Nothing much, cook some food, stay in, maybe a movie
Tomorrow: Bike ride, maybe a pub lunch
Sunday: Can’t play football but gunna go watch the LADS in a must-win relegation dogfight, then meeting up with an ATD in Leeds for food and Car Seat Headrest and the Brud


I did it for you.

Today: off to work in a mo, going for a nice lunch with a colleague

TONIGHT: DiS :beers:

Tomorrow: bike cleaning and fettling, need to get my old bike ready to sell, bit of DIY and probably make some nice food

Sunday: leading a :bike: ride for the first time in months, hope I don’t lose anyone :dizzy_face:



Got a choice of penoid events this weekend, one on each day. Unfortunately if I go to the Sunday one I’ll miss the gf’s parents’ visit :cry:

So my Saturday’s now free, basically.


I really shouldn’t have drank last night. Oh well. Happy hangover’ Friday


Had my first ride in forever last weekend so I could do fitness stuff without fucking my ankle too much, reckon I’ve worked out what would be a pretty noice 100km peak district ride if you nobs want to come up in the summer


Good morning. I slept terribly so feel groggy as hell. Just listening to the new kendrick lamar song. Gonna go to the gym, make some music, then out for DiS meat later. Not bad m8


Work drinks tonight, then a quiet weekend. Might look at the ol job market and see what’s out there. Gonna do a big food shop as well and get my hair cut and maybe dyed.


Morning all

Got the morning off so I’m going to go out for a long walk with Mrs CCB and then go and have lunch in a café somewhere. And then I’m WFH this afternoon.

This weekend: dinner at our friends’ tonight; daughter’s birthday party tomorrow afternoon; cinema tomorrow evening; Mother’s day walk and pub lunch Sunday. It’s all coming up CCB :slight_smile:


GooFriMorDiS :sunny:


I’m in the office by myself today. Tomorrow I’m going to work from Alicante for a week to get some sun.

Party tunes for Friday please!!




This song has my birthday in it!



Then it’s a perfect party song for you! Wish I could like my own post just this once because I love this song so much


Organise it!!