It's Friday

Today is my Monday and my Friday.

Weekend plans? Might start decorating the spare room tomorrow :ok_hand:


Never mind the weekend, it’s day one of a 200+ person Netrunner tournament today!!

Here we go.

Saturday: either play in day two, or bum around the Expo.
Sunday: won’t make day three, so probably bum around the Expo.
Monday: day/taps aff


Good luck :four_leaf_clover: Eps!!



Long shift innit

:+1:got off my arse and went for a run last night
:-1:Woke up with toothache
:+1:Last day in work before a week’s holiday
:-1:Going to have to take my laptop with me


I am hayfever :seedling: :dizzy_face:

Morning everyone.

Going to a party in the woods tomorrow night. One of my friends is making a wooden mask especially for the occasion. Other than that, essentially planless.

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I’ve got the day off today :slight_smile: currently sat in bed whilst my daughters watch videos on YouTube. We’re going to head into Cambridge and go to the Fitzwilliam museum as the eldest wants to look at the section on Ancient Greece (they’re doing this as their subject at school next term). I admire her enthusiasm.

Going to our friends’ for dinner this evening.



Morning all!
Today is my Sunday.

Going to do some washing, tidying, hoovering and etcing.

Going for a curry tonight :smiley:

Did my usual nine pint Thursday, so today will be largely spent lying in bed cry-wanking.


Whats the decorating plans for the spare room? lick of paint and some carpet or is this the bike room?


Off to a wedding in Crawley later. Bought some emergency trousers as none of the pairs I have fit anymore. Turns out the emergency ones are a little tight and I might have to exchange them for some emergency emergency trousers.

Nothing planned for the weekend. Would like to ride my bicycle but I ain’t got no cycling clothes with me so I’m not too sure what’s happening really. Might just bum around Southsea common with a BBQ. No Idea

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Cant believe it’s friday already! Week’s gone well fast. Playing some zelda before work. Drinking coffee obv

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Nope, this is our bedroom. We got the ceiling done just before we went away so we have no excuses now. Probably keep it pretty neutral tbh, though we have a massive red wardrobe to deal with :confused:

Bike room will be next. Big big plans for that.

I had to cancel my trip to France for a friend’s wedding. I feel your pain.

Trying to motivate the kids to go out but they just want to lay around the house watching idiots on YouTube or playing games. Might bring up their homework and see if that motivates them.

Caught up with Fargo last night :+1:t2:

When will you get round to the gift wrapping room?

morning cyberpals
working the weekend but still going out tonight like a champion. can’t wait for Monday off, gonna spend the day doing paintings of aliens