It's Friday

Hayfever got me like


its my bday tomorrow, i was having a chat with the dog this mornign and trying to explain to her that how old i am in dog years and realised im 224 dog years old, which is pretty old


Late for work coz i played too much zelda :sweat:



happy birthday anDIVINE! :heart:


Morning team. Got a lovely weekend planned.

Saturday: annual trip to Victoria Park for Field Day. Will be happy to see any combination of the following; Forest Swords, Death Grips, Nicolas Jaar, S U R V I V E, Flying Lotus, Arab Strap, Thee Oh Sees, Jon Hopkins and of course Aphex Twin.

Sunday: practice bike ride with 2 of the #lads who’re doing the charity ride to Brighton with me in honour of my late mother-in-law. If anybody’s feeling super generous my JustGiving page is here.

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It’s hit like a truck this morning. Not even nice out - utterly unjustified!

I looked like I was crying all the way in on my bike. I just love cycling so much!


I’m going to a beer festival tomorrow and the big Stockholm derby on Sunday. Other than that I will be pretty chill I think.

swap the #emergencytrousers for some #emergencylycra

problems solved

Have many many fond memories of stooging around Southsea Common in my formative years (often before / after a visit to the D-Day Museum or Pyramids).

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happy friday everyone,

got a fair bit to do today, tonight just gonna lay low with pizza, weed and beer.
playing golf at gleneagles tomorrow cos i’m a massive tory :slight_smile:

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Hi all

Cycled in and now my lower half is soaked because of an unexpected downpour. Going to be damp all day, top stuff. FRIDAY.

Honestly, one of my favourite places. Mooching along the prom, stopping off to watch the ferry passing, waving at the IoW, getting a disposable BBQ and sitting on the common soaking up the rays

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Emergency emergency trousers sourced.

Hi there.

I have lots to do today.

So, I’d best get cracking.

Had to give my hire car back today, bit sad. It was a lovely drive. First car I’ve ever driven with a ‘Sport’ mode.

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I’m WFH cause work is odd at the moment with redundancies and restructuring and stuff. I find out this afternoon what my new role is gonna be like sigh

Tonight: Yoga and a take away
Tomorrow: HIIT followed by Spin and then chill out then bf is taking me for Mildreds
Sunday: Peloton and then packing for a work away week which should be erm…fun in light of the above shit.

Ugh. Got no milk.

Seems a massive effort to leave the house just for milk. Massive hill to the shop too.


Love giving a hire car a good thrashing.

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having a chat with the dog this morning is one of my favourite things that I’ve read here for a while


Morning pals. Yesterday was one of the best days of my life, I saw every band I wanted to see and I got to do it with all my mates. I’ve never done a better day at a festival.

I also got to meet @cutthelights! What a lovely man he is!