It's Friday


Weekend plans? I have the flat to myself. Will meet @anon67149139 tomorrow evening for some :mountain_biking_man::biking_man: action and will probably go for a ride myself on Sunday but that’s the sum total of my plans.

Wbu, huns?

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Got today off but up at 7 as we’re driving the wedding cake the TV made yday to our friend’s wedding. 4 hour drive whoop whoop!

Tomorrow is the wedding.

Sunday fly to San Francisco for a week of work.

Morning kids!

My legs hurt after two games of football yesterday.

I’m on my own with the child for most of today. I’ll be trying to watch the Nick Cave documentary and play Dishonored 2.


Bit of light work today, then final prep for the extremely prestigious Essex Netrunner Regional tomorrow (i.e. lengthy hypnotic/meditative relaxation session, followed by listening to Eye of the Tiger on loop while screaming “COME ON!” at my naked reflection in the mirror until I pass out).

Might make pad thai for dinner.


Morning! Finally bit the bullet and ordered a new PC last night. Here’s hoping that this one lasts ten years too. I’m looking forward to being able to WFH with it.

Off to the theatre to see Gloria tonight, then going to watch the cricket tomorrow. If that gets rained off early, then we might head into town to watch the cycling.

Sunday will be a day of admin - hockey club stuff and garden planning. Exciting.


That means I’ve got 8 hours of being at work (note the important difference from 8 hours of work) before 9 days off.

Gonna get myself a bacon roll and a couple of hash browns on the way in, work til lunchtime and then run the clock down for the last few hours.

Not really got anything planned over the weekend, but off to Snowdonia for 5 days on Monday :mountain: :slight_smile:

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Big fan of Snowdonia. I haven’t been there since they opened the underground trampoline place though. I’d definitely go there.

good morning everybody :wave:

Myself and a bunch of friends were meant to be going camping and Munro hunting this weekend but the rain has defeated us :unamused: :cloud_with_rain:

The bf is still going fishing tomorrow though so whilst the flat is empty I plan to spend tomorrow crafting some plant hangers!! Yesss. Might treat myself to some new plants whilst I’m at it.

Also, if I get up early enough on Sunday I will be venturing to the post apocalyptic car boot sale to get some more plant pots!! If I have time i want to have a day much like @ericthefourth 's yesterday where I wander around eating, drinking and cinema watching. Might squeeze in a museum too :blush:

Blah blah. What will probably happen is I get really angry trying to make things tomorrow, waste hours doing it, with nothing to show for it. go in a huff with myself and sit on my arse for the rest of the weekend huffing away :dragon: until someone eventually invites me to the pub.

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Done and dusted with my out and about work this week so will be catching up with report writing at home. Dunkirk at the BFI IMAX tonight. No weekend plans which is absolutely perfect as it’s been a long week.

Have fun in Snowdonia @urbanfox - are you staying North, South or centrally? Any plans while you’re there?

Morning all.

I’m off to Farmfest later to listen to a load of stuff I don’t know and get really wet and muddy. Can’t wait. I’ve been awake since before six. I’d say it was from excitement, but I think it’s more because I was having a dream about forgetting something important and having to do a huge trip home to get it. It was mildly traumatic but then I woke up and figured I’d rather listen to some of the musics in the world than risk further mild dream related trauma.

I hope everyone has a grief free and moreover, an enjoyable Friday.

I hope that cake isn’t too susceptible to collapse? I’ve heard some peril packed stories from a cake making acquaintance

I was looking at that massive zip line thing they’ve got up there but it was like £80 which is a bit much really.

We’re staying in a cottage in some unpronounceable village near Ffestiniog, so pretty much in the middle. Gonna go up to Anglesey the one day and another down around Barmouth and Harlech and all that, and then fit in as much walking around in as we can, including Snowdon if the weather is up to it.

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Sounds good- am jealous! Hope you get some decent weather. No idea what your preference is for a route up Snowdon, but the walk up via the South Ridge is a good one if you want to keep away from the crowds (described halfway down this article: Of the routes we’ve tried, that one was the quietest, but it does make the summit all the more shocking when you get there and find 100s of people milling around…

Hi everyone.

Not had a good burrito in ages, I may attempt to make my own.

This weekend I want to read a lot of Angela Carter and play some dragon age 2.

…never heard it called that before…?

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Working hard all weekend or getting stressed when I don’t work hard. Lose lose.

Morning all! Got the afternoon off so heading up to Lincoln (UTI) to see my folks and their doggo and some pals.

Got a BBQ tomorrow and my mate’s completely done up his garden, bought a table tennis table, painted a sweet mural and is building a VW Campervan playhouse for his 2 boys. Top dadding.

Just like @urbanfox I am off to wildest Wales. We rejected the zip wire thing as a bit pricey as well. Definitely going to Portmeirion and the Centre for Alternative Technology though.l, plus lots of walks.

Might make kids climb Snowdon.

Lots of moody landscapes anyway


Morning. Off to Guildford for a wedding this weekend. Need to do some work this morning and on the train down but then it’s drinky fun time.

Have fun in Snowdonia @urbanfox! I know I’m in the minority but I think you should be able to buy an ice cream and a cup of tea at the top of more mountains. I did the Crib Goch route last year and the weather was perfect, which made it pretty terrifying as you could see all the way down both sides of the knife edge and how far you’d fall :grimacing:

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Going to see Dunkirk tonight with my dad. I expect him to talk through most of the adverts and comment loudly at everyone buying popcorn, whilst giving advice to the fictional characters on the screen, also loudly. :smiley:

Tomorrow - haircut, dunno what else.
Sunday - lunch round my mates house.

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