It's Friday

snap. I’ve been looking over maps and weather forecasts the past few days trying to find somewhere not totally soaking but it’s shite absolutely everywhere.

might go anyways. hmm.

Woke up with a bad belly, not gonna do much today. Gotta call a bunch of estate agents and set up viewings. Meant to go out for turkish food and bowling for a pal’s birthday tonight so that’ll be good.

Yeah, it’s a shame :confused: It has only emphasised just how much I really need to invest in some new boots!! Mine are so old, there’s absolutely no tread on them that I fear any tiny amount of moisture would send me hurtling to my demise… !!!

Man, you are an unstoppable force!! Aren’t you worried it’ll defeat the purpose if you get to the top and can’t see much? Or has it always cleared a bit for you when you’ve gone in less than desirable weather? Im going to presume the gods reward you by parting the clouds upon completion of each Munro! I’m guessing that’s where you were gifted with such a mighty beard too :bearded_person: the more Munros the mightier the beard.

I’m sorry I’ve already had too much coffee today.

Do it, it’s easy!

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Got this afternoon and Monday off and no plans for the weekend so I’m going to have to draw up a list of things to do so I don’t end up sitting around in my pants watching escape to the country.

nope, I’ve definitely been up a few where you can’t see your hands it front of your face nevermind any sort of view! those sort of days I try to do the less attractive ones so at least I’m not missing much. I figure if I’m to get round them all I can’t be waiting for perfect weather…

saying that I’m still tempted to sack it off this weekend


If you’re not fixed on doing Snowdon, which is way overrated in Snowdonia in my humble imo, then Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr from Lyn Ogwen is a beautiful walk. Quieter, shorter and way more mountain fo’ yo’ bucks.


Looks like you’re not too far from Lake Bala either which is such a beautiful place


So you’re aiming to do them all then? I mentioned my fear of heights before so I’m not sure how many I’ll get through before it becomes quite limiting. Maybe it’ll cure it eventually! Fingers crossed.

If you didn’t go what would you do instead? also, do you have a group of friends you go with? My friends have just started a group!! I’m hoping it means we go more often, it’s been a jo whiley.

Agreed; good to do Snowdon but the Glyders have a lot to offer (scrambling up Tryfan is still one of my favourite days out, even after multiple climbs). The Nantlle ridge is also a decent stomp which avoids the crowds.

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Staying in tonight getting shit done.

Out in Sheffield tomorrow night for a friend’s 20th. Eesh.

Wedding on Sunday. Got a nice hotel so looking forward to that. Day off on Monday so I can get back from the wedding, and I’ve got this second interview in the afternoon.

Hope all your Fridays are everything you ever dreamed of.

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I’ve been wanting to make my own… but the carnitas part puts me off because I presume it takes ages. Might just make a haggis one :drooling_face: have you tried it with veggie haggis??

Have a go at this! Paddy Buckley Round

It includes pretty much everything in the north of Snowdonia (though not Tryfan).

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Also just ordered this t shirt.


Morning @plasticniki et al.

Feeling mega angsty and low and numb.

Trains have gone to shit this morning, so going to be late into work. Have to get a report finished and out the door by 12 and then all afternoon in a Lessons Learnt session on the programme which I was working on that closed down in March that is going to turn into a bunfight. I really don’t have the energy, patience or wherewithal to sit there and listen to it.

Tonight there is work drinks, but I won’t be very good company so am going to sack them off.

Tomorrow, have the kids.

Sunday, maybe doing something on a fashionista thing in the morning, quiet afternoon and then kids overnight before they head off to EuroDisney on Monday for four nights.

A general knowledge quiz for Friday:

question 3!!!


edit: i got 2/10

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Got it right, obviously. And the mothballs one.

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Mornin team,
Got a company pitching to us later, good thing being it’s my pals company and it’s gonna be a business beers kinda pitch which will no doubt go on till late at various establishments throughout Glasgow :grinning::beers:

not sure i could say i’ve ever tried veggie haggis tbh!