It's Friday



What are you up to tonight / this weekend then, folks?

Tonight: pub :beers:
Tomorrow: mooching :information_desk_person:
Sunday: racing my bike then going to see the Tour of Britain :bicyclist:


Today: Work, just three weeks left at current place
Tonight: Pint after work, then pub with Alison (belated birthday celebs)
Tomorrow: Dunno actually, maintenance and cleaning, mate Rob staying over
Sunday: Eisberg London Cycle then Tour of Britain, meat Mrs Knickers, and ONEPro partay!

TINTCT :bicyclist:


Today: got an exam this afternoon, so preparing for that. Supposed to be going to Cambridge Oktoberfest tonight, but not sure if I can be arsed. Could go tomorrow.

Tomorrow: maybe Oktoberfest, sorting bike, dunno.

Sunday: dunno


Today: haircut, getting a train up north, sleeping on the train
Tonight: dinner with in laws
Tomorrow: family wedding
Sunday: hungover train back to London

Really wished we’d thought on and were staying for a few more nights




Hi sweaty xoxo


tonight: swim* then pub
tomorrow: bike maintenance
sun: pfs big belter

*if I cba


off to harrogate for the weekend to hang out with an owl and to take lots of photos
now: watching frasier and eating porridge


tonight: probably a few pints
tomorrow: want to go on a hike in the highlands somewhere
sunday: lounging


Today: work. laptop is being a shit so this might be a fun day.
Tomorrow: got a mystery package to collect from the sorting office. I think it might be a t-shirt I ordered from America ages ago, not certain though. then apparently I’m putting some shelves up?
Sunday: no idea m8


Morning champs!

Last night: Nick Cave documentary was terrific but devastating in places.

Tonight: Playing tennis in Finsbury Park. I haven’t played tennis for about 15 years but in that time I have read Infinite Jest so I’m backing myself.

Saturday: Rents are down for the weekend, heading to Kew to meet up with the in-laws for a big mooch and a meal.

Sunday: Hackney Carnival!


Tonight: cook my speciality: pomegranate chicken
Tomorrow: try to find something in Selfridges to spend my voucher on. Expect everything in there costs a million pounds or something
Sunday: ride my bike, yay


how much bunce u got? :money_with_wings: :money_mouth: :moneybag:


Tonight: swimming
Tomorrow: films round my mates, few tinnies
Sunday: reading



The possibilities are limited


Tonight: probably fall asleep on sofa and have to be woken up by my boyfriend when he gets in
Tomorrow: got a food delivery coming I think?
Sunday: dunno


Not great at the moment lads. Very ill grandmother-in-law. :pensive:

Tonight: Nip into Glasgow, pick up Twin Peaks soundtrack and a few goodies from Lupe Pintos. Clean bike.
Tomorrow: Bike ride with the club. Looking like good weather so that’ll be nice. Pick up parents from the airport
Sunday: Meant to be going out for a friend’s birthday, but can’t see it happening due to the aforementioned grandmother. Gutted for my gf, she’s really upset.


loads of nice coffee?


best wishes to your girlfiend, han, and you also


today: curing my hangover (just had a huge breakfast and an orangina), gym, friend’s coming round to buy my tv
tomorrow: dont know
sunday: dont know