It's Friday

Could buy that wagyu beef (beeves) sandwich that costs £80-odd.

got some workmen coming round tomorrow, hopefully to fix the leak in the bath that they told us they’d fixed before we moved in (18 months ago :smirk:) but also fixing the bannister thing that broke straight after they put it up and the door that i re-hung and apparently made a pig’s ear of it. fuck that, man

Good Morning. Last day of training for the week. Same again next week. Looking forward to getting shitfaced later. (although I have to get up for physio in the morning, wtf)

Morning all!

Today: work then potentially a house party, although currently I am far more tempted to sneak off home and play Archipelago.
Tomorrow: friend’s leaving London so we’re doing pub and board game afternoon with minimal concrete plans
Sunday: Storyboarding for my housemate’s short film, getting some good sleep in

just been over to the other board, they don’t even have a friday thread yet hahaha

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Tonight: go to bed early*
Tomorrow: go to the pool in Leamington with the big whizzy waterslide and slide down it repeatedly with my daughters
Sunday: carry on making my massive Lego racing car

*I am constitutionally incapable of achieving this


Feel a bit squiffy, our pub has put Sierra Nevada on draught and I had probably one more than I should. Nothing too awful though. Plus the gypsies have nabbed my parking space so I’m a bit confused. Oh well. Going to get something sinful at lunch j think.

Long weekend, going to see Billy Joel on Saturday (Mrs stack and I are MASSIVE fans) which means that we’re leaving Eva-pops with her aunt and uncle for the first time :slight_smile: wanted to take Mrs stack
To Autograf beforehand but Arsenal are at home and figure it’ll jam that bit if town so might rethink for something closer to Wembley. Suggestions welcome.

Then chilling, should be good.

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this weekend sounds :100:

I cannae wait!

really CBA.

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No weekend and I think I might have lost a load of money (a few thousand) from the pension where I used to work because they closed it down or something. It’s partly my fault but also partly theirs. I didn’t even really think it would be possible to do that but there you go. You can imagine how I feel about it.

Today: Go up to Leeds to see my sister
Tomorrow: See my mum and two of my brothers in Harrogate
Sunday: See my dad

Bloody families…

:o we’ll be in harrogate at the same time



I’ve been given 30 sachets of constipation treatment so only plan for the weekend is: doing a poo

Tonight: nothing
Tomorrow: try to do some exercise in the morning, then food out in the evening
Sunday: going to see my mum and dad and nan

that will be one lengthy poo. Do you take them all at once?


I think they must just come in packs of 30 as I don’t think I’ll need to take them all. I have to take 1 a day and if no movement but tomorrow, up it to 2.

Still no movement.

Laxido crew reprazent :grimacing: