It's Friday


Today I’m going to town to pick up some prints. Might go to Lupo for lunch as never been and Cindi Lauper says its the best coffee she’s ever had (even though I don’t like coffee). Then work and maybe meet up with my friend who has just been named as one of London’s most influential people! Pretty incredible <3 Think I have drinks later with some friends too.

Tomorrow I’m running a tour, then off to sell my guides at a maker’s fair thing in London Road Fire Station, and I have a ticket for a Ukranian Culture centre tour, which I never knew existed.

Sunday I can’t remember. More work probably

would you like me to start a thread on natural laxatives, like bags of peanuts? I think I will.

I’m actually doing things this weekend though.

Tonight: Painting my nails, supper at a friend’s house, house party

Tomorrow: Lazy day, then dancing/DJing at the night me and some pals put on (MME should all come because it’s brilliant fun)

Sunday: Hangover, maybe catching up on some work that I’m feeling too lazy to do today

I would love to but I have a jam-packed post-divorce (parents’ not mine!) schedule :frowning:
We should do another DiS meet to celebrate the dawn of the new era soon though. Paging @plasticniki


yes; eyeing up next friday maybe?

No, sorry, I’m in Paris that weekend. Friday after would be good though!

And yes it’s all about me

hi everyone. it is my birthday today.

having to hobble about on crutches is a bit shite, but last year my parents got me a £50 voucher for a local hotel so we have an all-expenses paid meal out tonight which should be good. well, at least £50 credit towards it.

bought myself a Google Cardboard viewer with some Amazon vouchers that i got so im looking forward to check that out.

rest of the weekend is low key what with the sore foot i guess. wasn’t really planning anything huge, but a nice hillwalk would have been good but that’s off the cards.


(we can no longer do this and have loads of thises below) :frowning:

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hb sheeldz!


Mopping up the likes, eh?



JFC website let me just post the words happy birthday without having to write a fucking essay under it


i know it’s pretty heartbreaking

can’t do :frowning: (got some bike wankers arriving)

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how come you posted that but the site won’t let me post “happy birthday”?

I have no idea. I initially tried to type ‘HB SHEELDZ’ but it wouldn’t let me do that so I had to just do it in lower case.

oh yeah, mine was in caps too. So it’s anti-caps? @sean ?

I can do the Friday after that? Or do it without me if you must :cry:

maybe there’s an anti spam type thing?


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