It's Friday

Love Lupe pintos

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God they’re gross

Happy birthday Sheeldz :slight_smile:

Went to see klaus johann grobe last night, very good indeed.
Not much tonight as off to Kelso tomorrow for a wedding.
I’m not gonna do much work today.

Might do See Woo too. Proper stock up on goodies.

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no, you’re one of the staples!!!

i’ll have a thinky

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Happy Birthday. Get shitfaced! :champagne:

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aye meetup soon would be good. was mainly going to harrogate to specifically go to the old swan and they just called and cancelled my booking two days before :expressionless: fucking cunts.

I would like to come and meet you guys finally. Plus if we do this in Angel we can go to Bombay Burrito :burrito:

The shits! That’s pretty much over the road (and slightly down the road) from my dad’s place.

I would like to meet Jeremys_Iron even if he bailed last time if I IIRC correctly

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sheeldz <3

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Tonight: penoid board games with my brother and brother-in-law.
Weekend: dunno, maybe tennis on Sunday?

Whoa! I would very much like to meet you too Aphex. I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of your face looks like Who The Fuck Are You Volume 2.1 - #7 by Twinkletoes

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Morning all, happy birthday sheeldz.

TODAY: no real plans. Reading and writing mostly.
TOMORROW: friends wedding. Bloody love weddings. Should be fun but I really need to sort out how I’m getting there.
THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW: no real plans.

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It’s an absolute mess above the nose. DiS knows what it’s doing with the cropping.

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staying there was 90% of the reason i was going! ffs so mad.

Update: small poop completed

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only gone and handed my notice in haven’t I.