It's Friday


Alright everyone, this is my first post in this brave new era of new forums, still getting used to it but it looks alright.

It’s my first day back to work after my holidays, had a lovely week in Amsterdam, done very little work so far.

Tonight going for beers with a couple of friends I’ve not seen in a while so all good.

Please update the poll: Bristol stool chart thread v2.0 for FAO of zxcvbnm

Moving tomorrow, don’t want to and dreading it

I’ve got a friends wedding tomorrow, are we going to the same wedding?! I’ll buy you a dram

I hope so, that’d be nifty! But I doubt it as mine’s in Kent.


Tonight: fuck all, probably tidy up a bit
Tomorrow: run in the morning, food shop then watching sport ALL day
Sunday: bike ride then chill

BILLY JOEL. Amazing.

The Stranger is the best album of all time.

Next time then :slight_smile:

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I can’t pick a favourite. Housemate has every album on LP and loads of the singles so I hear it every day. We were discussing how ‘Tell Her About It’ sounds like Jackie Wilson could have sung it the other day.

Awww man, you’re going to have the best time at that.


He soundtracks nearly every debauched night Mrs fs and I have. Piano Man is my karaoke jam.

Well hungover. Went out to a gig and then for one in a late bar afterwards where I found one of my housemates and herwork crew absolutely tearing it up. Got spannered with them and fell home around three. Pounding headache now.

Plans for the weekend:
Friday - Go and see Munster play Cardiff in the rugby this evening, then have a pint or two with some mates from home afterwards.
Saturday - Work, write and play some music. Heading to an RnB gig that night so should be lots of dancing.
Sunday - Brunch and a lazy day of updating my Discogs and listening to LPs.

Yeeeeeeah! Go for it!

Mate if he plays scenes from an Italian restaurant that’s it for me. I’m done.


I think every track on the Innocent Man album is modeled after another artist

So Uptown Girl is supposed to sound like Frankie Valley and the 4 seasons

Tell Her About It might be meant to sound like JW, don’t know

This was on the radio this morning - sounded great

I did not know this

Ooooh, hadn’t thought of that. I knew ‘The Longest Time’ was a tribute alright but not the rest of the songs.

i told one of my friends from work to go on your tour, she said she cant do this week but can do next week. i hope she does it coz i think youd enjoy each others company. she looks like a middle aged amy winehouse except very mild mannered

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