It's Friday


Got any exciting weekend plans? I don’t. Might get a pide tonight though. Work first :sweat:

Last day of a week of training this week and I finish at 1.30 YEEESSSS
Gonna “hit the gym” later and “eat a pizza” tonight
Working this weekend—in fact my next full day off is next weekend, which is pure jizz

Morning all. A friend of mine who had a horrible labour finally gave birth in the middle of the night, so that was nice news to wake up to.

Tired. Drinking coffee. Moving my stuff into storage this weekend before I move house, dry (and my back already hurts from shifting books :sob:)


And what a wonderful morning it is. I feel literally unstoppable.

(my coffee arrived yesterday)


So glad it’s Friday and I only have a few more hours of this awful working week to stagger through. Might spend a million bells on a new camera this weekend to distract myself from the inevitably of handing in my notice. Wish there was time in the week to look for new jobs (yep, should be doing that now really…).

Gonna finish work early today and go to a gig . Tomorrow not much then Sunday band practice. Off to Paris next week so having a cheap weekend

It is indeed Friday. Morning all.

The boss is coming to visit us today. Joy. At least I get to tell him I’ve applied for another job that I will highly likely get.

Need to pop to Brum and pick my suit up tomorrow but apart from that, very little in the way of plans for the weekend.

Not yet up.

More moving stuff from old flat to new flat. Then cleaning old flat. Tomorrow handing back keys.

Probably have a pizza.

I’m getting a train to work today as I’m on a half day before heading to London and seeing Bat Out of Hell.

Tomorrow I’m going to Liverpool for football.

Morning pnik et al

Finishing putting up a new wardrobe tonight then off to Nottingham tomorrow for my niece’s christening.

Gonna try to get Brand New tickets this morning and as the London gig’s on my birthday I’ll feel personally attacked if I don’t get any.

Leftover pizza for lunch!

So much to do today. Gotta finish packing, find a man with van, send off a bunch of ebay stuff, take some stuff to charity shops, then band practice later. Ahhhh.

I’m driving me, my sister and her bf up to the Peak District this evening, my parents have booked a place there for a few days cos some family friends are visiting. Should be a nice chill weekend. The dog’s coming too, so that’s great.

Tell me nice things about the Peak District then.

Hey all

Day off today - I’m still in bed. It just rained really hard outside.

Taking the boy to buy school uniform. That’s about it. Wish I was at Green Man


Hope your day goes okay DB :gift_heart:

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I’m still in bed. Wfh at my bfs house but forgot my laptop charger and the battery only lasts 3 hours so will have to go home at lunch time.

This weekend I’m going to this:

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Ooooh what camera???

My only weekend plans are to pop into TK Maxx to get a thematically appropriate storage box for a Lovecraft/Mythos-themed card game, slavishly follow the news coming out of a convention in the US, and have people round for boardgames on Saturday evening.

Overslept massively so didn’t cycle in today. Booo. Oh well, 3 days out of an attempted 4 isn’t too bad I guess.

Seeing some friends who are over from Italy at the weekend, which will be nice.

Morning :sleeping:

wine, beer, beer last night and I feel a bit like this this morning :confused:


Guys, I haven’t been to the gym for a while now and I have developed the fear :frowning: because I know the first time back will be hard. Can someone motivate me? I know I’m being silly.

@grievoustim I like your plant! Is it a rubber plant?


Only person in the office today. Should get some work done, once I’ve finished messing around on DiS…

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