It's Friday

Thank fuck, tbqh

Weekend plans?

Tonight: pub
Tomorrow: leak investigation
Sunday: 200km bike ride

Morning niki

Woke up coughing a lot.

Today: Revise/The Room
Tomorrow:Rugby League World Cup Final/Revise
Sunday: Revise/The Cribs @ King Tut’s

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On the 647 to kings x. Managed to avoid semi-frozen snow cycle death on the way to the station.

Against my wishes, xmas seems to start this weekend. So buying a REAL tree, going to a winter lights thing at a nt place, riding the santa train…

What you revising for??

On a training course at work, loads of boring work shite.




Today: get through work without murdering anybody after being driven mad through a loop of Christmas songs
Tonight: might pub
Saturday: as above
Sunday: as above

Fuck :astonished:

I hope December passes quickly for you Rich

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Sounds rubbish, you have my sympathies

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Gonna check out for the day. :wave:

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Today: working in Leeds, afternoon off. Need a haircut (Leeds city centre barber recommendations please)
Tonight: destroyer at the brut
Tomorrow: family up for my beeds
Sunday: no Sunday league so might go watch a low budget wrestling show

Don’t really fancy my drive to work tbqfh but I’ve been working from home for the past two weeks a half days, so I really should show my face in the office.

First big (“big”, it’s in Chatteris ffs) penoid tournament of the season tomorrow. So straight home after work for a lean steak and some oatmeal, followed by giving myself a pep talk in the mirror while blasting Eye of the Tiger until I pass out. Standard.



Morning, morning! Hopefully just writing a report today, but hard to know if it’ll pan out that way. The main thing is that by around 7ish tonight, the working week will be over and my wife and I have next week off, which we’ll be using to get into the Christmas spirit. Apparently.

Drinks with work football squad tonight. First proper booze since November.
Nothing tomorrow.
Nothing Sunday.

Hopefully will use cooking nice food and computer games to substitute for Nothing.

Cold isn’t it?

Beeds. Even

I think my TV is going to murder me if I keep doing this

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Work today inc second interview for a promotion. Pizza & Xmas deca tonight. Nowt tomorrow. Heading up to LDN Sun - Tues with the TV for all sorts of fun inc theatre, an escape room, winter wonderland :slight_smile:

And that was HOURS ago!!


If you like dogs check out this place on Lower Briggate

No idea if they do a good haircut though