It's Friday!

Morning DiS,

Friday isnt it.

Im currently sat on bed with a napping baby. Having a coffee and watching Fraiser. Going get dressed soon and meet some friends for coffee (i might get a croissant too). Then its waterbabies later and garden centre this afternoon for coffee and cake and get a new plant.

How’s your day looking?



:wave: been for a run :man_running:

Work :computer:

Probably do some house work after that so I can have a bit of a lazy weekend.

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Going to drink beers in Hyde park and see Pixies and Pearl Jam with my ATD’s.


Morning all!

I’ve got such a low-key day planned - a few admin phonecalls/ a few groceries/ coffee/ post office/ Hitman 3 - I can’t wait.

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Running a full day workshop again.
Slept like shit, cannot be arsed, so trying to gee myself up a bit to keep the positivity and vibes right to be talking to people for 7 hours.

Gonna go get drunk afterwards I reckon

Ok this day is tough to beat :eyes:

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Got a few jobs to try and wrap up today but it’ll be a great feeling if I manage it by the weekend.

It’s my girlfriend’s last day before her maternity leave so we’re off out for a nice dinner tonight too.

Got people coming round to view the house later and been asked by the landlord if i can give them a tour and also feedback which of them are sound. Oh they’ve put the rent up by £300 p/m lol. Tell you who’s NOT sound!!



Was planning to paint the decking but realised last night I’ve not got a brush. So, it’ll be a trip to Wickes to go and get a suitable brush first - that’ll get a little bike ride in for the day as well.

Warm out

Normally my Fridays are quite quiet, but I’ve got loads on today. I’m actually having to do some work for a change. Hopefully I’ll still find time to get to the pub at lunchtime

Waterbabies is such a nice phrase to say or hear isn’t it?

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Finally rona negative, off to that London to see Pearl Jam. Hooray!


Morning everyone :wave:

Wore my retainer last night for the first time in ages and fuuuuuuck my teeth hurt but hopefully it won’t be so bad going forward. Ow ow ow.

@sine_wave enjoy the garden centre! Havent been to one of those since I was little. Loved a trip to the garden centre. Also, fun days out in Inverness in the 90s, my parents used to take me to the carpet shop. It had a ball pit, For some reason. So the smell of new carpet always brings me joy.

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Off to Bath at lunch time for my future sister in laws hen do. Should be alright but I’m a bit nervous about all the drinking cause I’m not big on drinking at the moment.


Back WFH todah so can doss and chat to you lot (I have sooooo much to do)

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Day off today. Heading to Deal for the day.
No idea if it’s any good, but it looks quite nice.

You’ll probably be spending most of the time queuing for the spa anyway so it shouldn’t be an issue.

flying to canada tomorrow.

got new glasses.


Still got 600 posts of pure politics to get through

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