It's Friday!

That must have come as a real shock.

I’ve done it previously and got away with it

Dog Driving GIF

Jetting off to the sun tomorrow so today, and this week frankly, have felt a bit like a dead zone.

alright peter piper

Ted Lasso is a lovely show

New albums arrived so curled up on the sofa giving them a spin :cd:

Love that this makes sense but also seems contradictory

Second vote for Iolla, hadn’t realised how small they were so felt good supporting them over a Specsavers, and I liked the more limited choices - I get frozen by indecision with too many options. Good that they have a nice range of more classic colours (like my tortoiseshell) or plenty of bold ones for your adventurous types

Also clip on sunglasses custom designed for some models for £40? Lovely stuff

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Do it for the dis

Because it’s Friday lunchtime…


Oooo I like the connelly ones

Babysit for me all day Sunday and I’ll consider it


Don’t know where to put this, feel like @profk will enjoy it though.

This Post Paid For By PROF$




Seán Ó Fearghaíl has SEEN some shit in his time.

This post paid for by PROF$.

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Just found out ranitidine got banned two years ago because it contained carcinogens. Used to take that (Zantac) back in the day.

i’m about to go out on a very pootly bike ride. this heat man.

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I am definitely going to get some work done this afternoon.


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someone has put a meeting in my diary for 3:30pm :expressionless:
dont they know theres a bike race on!

I just watched the video @Kallgeese posted and that’s me done for the day

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