It's friiiiiiday!


Got some work on today. Might have a nice lunch. Early night though prob. Sup wiyoo?


Found out why I overslept my alarm a few times recently. My phone seems to have defaulted to making the alarm silent. What a fool


It’s stir-fry day in the work canteen. Oh, yeah.


Just spilled coffee all down my clean shirt :frog:


Finishing off some production stuff I’ve been doing for work this week. No way it’s going to be finished finished, but hopefully will have something decent to listen to by the end of the day. No plans after that, so probably just computer games and bed.


Friend’s birthday this Sunday so I have to go and find a gift, also something pink to wear for the theme which is hard because my clothes are 99% black. Also actually I’m going to a murder mystery dinner next week at my friends’ house and I’m the police officer so need to find something for that too :policewoman:t5: :pig2:


Living the dream!


Yes! Since getting a Switch I love that I can now combine those 2 things.


Do you wear much pink usually? Doesnt strike me as your colour!



I’m directing a one minute movie today. Feel slightly guilty that I managed to get people to help me out. I’m having to be responsible


Supposed to be going out for dinner with an ATD tonight but she’s not been well so we’ll see. Would be fine with a cancellation tbqfhumble, as I cannae fucking wait to get into my bed tonight.


My Thursday today. been at work since 5.30 today. Zzzzzz


Rarely! I really love the colour but not on clothes, like my phones/headphones/ipod/wallets/filofaxes were always pink instead :laughing:


Stir Friday


Bit warmer this morning eh.


First gout free night’s sleep all week, even after a shift stood up selling beer! Not much on the to do list today before work again later, might try and take my acid-free foot for a walk seeing as it’s gloriously sunny here in south Devon for once.


Got very little to do today, but have to stay later as my daughter is going to an ice-cream place with her mates after school. As it’s pretty close to my office, it makes sense for me to hang around until she’s ready to go home and give her a lift. But I don’t want to stay in the office that late and she won’t let me join her for ice cream. Which I think is just rude! I mean, I wouldn’t embarrass her THAT much!

Today is going to suck!





Had a super early meeting with various country offices today so been working since 5:30 this morning. Solidarity with @rich-t :fist:

On my second mug of black-as-midnight-on-a-moonless-night coffee. Might have some toast in a bit.