It's funny that ITV2-4 don't show films like Platoon or Top Gun

instead of repeatedly showing LotR and shite like that.

Are these films too old now or what? They show the Goonies and Gremlins and Die Hard though.

I was mainly thinking about this as I was wondering if I would ever watch Platoon again. I don’t think I have seen it in 20 years and I doubt I will again.

It used to be quite a big deal but never really gets a mention anymore.


I can’t believe how small Curly Wurlies are nowadays. Do you remember them?


The first casualty of war is innocence. The second is ITV2-4 fodder.

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They’re all dead now. Breaks your heart

Introduced a generation to the beach boys

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Too busy getting reruns of the Mummy franchise.

It’s time they showed About A Boy again

and push Knocked Up and Hot Fuzz off the schedule? No chance!

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The network premiere of Platoon, Thursday at 9 on ITV3.

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What time is Towering Inferno on?

All the time

Haven’t seen that tv movie of the beach boys for years!

Nor Lorenzo’s oil.

Can’t even remember when I last saw Stand and Deliver (ft. Lou Diamond Phillips)

I don’t want to be part of this world anymore.

First Blood (Rambo 1 or whatever) seems to be on one of these shithouse freeview channels A LOT. I’ve watched the early scenes with Brian Dennehy driving him out of the town so many times recently.

I know, as a fan of TV serial Tour of Duty, you will be aware of the late 80s/early 90s greatest genre: Nam.

Haven’t seen Hamburger Hill for time either.

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Can I shock you: I’ve NEVER seen Hamburger Hill.

Feels like they’ve been showing Despicable Me on a loop for about 6 years now, pausing only for those weird 2 minute interludes of entertainment gossip presented by some weird shiny person and a blue screen.

Perfect for some apres ski

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I’m back home now!

Was going to start a thread on why all the Austrian toilets have little floor taps but I worked it out

Sluice the poo out?

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