It's Furs Day, Fred


New day, new greeting.

Waiting for the train to work, it’s a lovely morning. Feels fresher than I had expected.

There is a billboard across the station from Sky advertising GOT. Doesn’t look like my cup of tea. Next to that there is one advertising Natwest with a Pakistani bowler in mid air as he releases a ball. On the other side of the GOT poster is one for Lloyds Bank with a black horse galloping through what looks like a car factory. That feels a little foolhardy to me, quite honestly. So I won’t be banking with them anytime soon.

Work wise I have some to do, early finish today to do the school pick up and then take the whipper snappers swimming.

Train is nearly here now.

Do tell of any interesting or boring advertising you see today.

And don’t start grappling any strangers in the street or on the tube. It invades their personal space.

Have a good one, Volk.



Lovely day outside. Today is my Friday. Early-ish finish today too. Have a good day today

Bout to fly out to Barcelona, got my Thursday morn Bloody Mary in hand, decent start to the day



Going to get a piece of work finished this morning that’s been waking me up in the night, so I’ll be glad to get that filed. Then I’m just going to slowly spin around in my chair for the rest of the day, because I’ve earned it.


I’ve got about 45 minutes worth of copying and pasting to do today and very little else, so could be a looooong day.

I will keep an eye out and confirm, but pretty sure the only advert I pass on the way to work is a billboard in a field advertising this

The Sunday doesn’t look that bad tbf tbh.

Shattered and hungry. Did a bike ride last night, then ended it in the pub and had three pints with no dinner. I am now STARVING. Might have to get double breakfast.

:scream: :sleeping:

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I was wondering what had happened to Editors last night. And there’s something rather lovely about OCS being billed above Maximo Park.

At least they’ve not plonked The Twang at the top

Woke up earlier than expected. Watching GLOW waiting to digest my massive bowl of porridge so i can go punch a bag for a bit.

Not sure about GLOW, but I’m watching it anyway.

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s kid is called Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher Rees-Mogg!

Hi everyone. I really fancy that Beyond The Tracks festival. Saturday doesn’t look as good as the other two days, but it’d be good to see The Coral and OCS in the same day.

Today will be a good day, as the beer festival’s in town and the boss has promised to close the office so we can all go. He’s going to be really disappointed in my taste in beer.

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Morning all! Thanks to binning everything off to go to the beach yesterday, I now have tonnes of work to do. Beach was lovely though.

No billboards here, sorry.

Today could be my last day in this job :scream: pls let it be so. Would really like a day off tomorrow pls. Drinking coffee and watching seinfeld = the perfect morning.


Evening/morning all. Struggling to get out of bed the further this week has progressed. Just about done with getting up in the dark.

Wedding Present in an hour or so. Thanks to everyone on the Music board who advised me to go. (Unless they suck, in which case screw you punks).

Only recent ad I can think of is this one, which was funnier a week ago:

not much on today except going out for lunch.

Should probably buy some fence paint - might make a start on that as the weather is grand. Sanding down garden furniture before painting- really necessary do we think?

Listening to some old constellation records stuff on the way to work. They take themselves seriously!

Just chomping into a bacon and egg bap :ok_hand:

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Fucks sake man, could really go for a holiday right now.

@moderators - is there any way we can ban Lopes’ posts while he’s out in San Sebastian?

Meeting old Ma and Pa Ruffers at Paddington in a bit. Quite excited.


Morning all, today is my Thursday and thus the weekend drudgery continues. A glimmer of light in the darkness; Joe Root captains an England Test side from 11am. Summer is finally here :cricket:


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