It's Furs Day, Fred

Morning all!

Yesterday I learned that a loaf of banana bread is about 13.5 carbohydrate points.

What’s that in Oetkers?

The system I need to file this on is broken. My support staff is off sick. Their boss is on holiday.

I think I’m going to have to learn how to use a fax machine.

i thought i had some granola left at work but it turned out it was like a tablespoon worth


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just eaten my sandwich :confused:

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always. i brought my favourite egg mayo roll with me, no chance it’s lasting later than 11:30

had a really weird/horrible dream last night that I was a woman and was being harassed by a non-descript guy who was being really ‘subtle’ in his harassment. Have month long spates where I have nightmares pretty much every night for one reason or another - hope this isn’t the start of one of those.

currently drinking tea and eating cantuccini.

Morning all. In exciting plans I have lined up for today, I’m going to go to the Three shop and try switch from pay as you go to bill pay. Would the weekend every hurry up already ffs

sorry guys, choose your own adventure will have to wait til tomorrow i think. it’s a good friday doss thread anyhoo

Literally the only reason I came in to work today, you shit cunt.


Morning all.

Had to get the front brakes replaced on my shitheap of a car. It’s ok, I didn’t need to have any money anyways.

I’m at the stage of the week where last weekends, “I think I’ll have a couple of weeks off the booze, I’ve been hitting it hard lately” dissolves into, “actually I kind of fancy a pint.” By tomorrow all that will be left is a bit pool of “GIVE ME ALL OF THE BEER PLEASE.”

I hate my wisdom teeth.

I barely slept last night again due to the pain.

pls help.

a wizard put a curse on me and i can’t start any more threads til tomorrow

>check inventory

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What should I do mates

  • Talk to Co-workers
  • Talk to co-DiSers

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I really cannot do today’s Guardian Quick Crossword, lads. :frowning:

Have you tried 7?

What ones are you stuck on?

I’m pretty sure she knows how to use Google, marckee.

For a crossword? Never.