It's Furs Day, Fred

going to make some music next week guys I promise!


start an early lunch thread? i would but i have this wizard’s curse, so

Hiya Furry Freds,

Went to the shop for just milk, came back with milk and this -

Three for a pound! AYE.



(that’s the "I’m trying to steal your chocolate emoji, fyi)

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I thought of you when I bought them :kissing_heart:

“Haha, that prick’s not getting any of these!”

Thanks, Witches. Thitches.

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Mine are impacted, but aren’t giving me infections or abscesses, so they’re reluctant to remove them in case it damages the nerve.

It used to be that every couple of years they move and the whole of my jaw aches as a result for a few weeks, to be point where I can’t really sleep. I could kind of deal with that.

Unfortunately it’s been happening every six months or so for the past couple of years, and I’m just fed up with it now.

i could go one of those right about now

Other than that, my teeth are in very good condition, so I can’t really complain too much.

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If we worked together I’d give you one. HAR HAR :roll_eyes: (sorry) (ugh)

people might say we’re work married!!


all right, Thom Yorke

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Big fan of the orange version of this - always get one when I come home.

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why are my armpits so damp all the time!!! i use deo and its not that hot

deo makes you sweat more
i gave up deo and I sweat far less

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Super CBA

i used reveal answers for some of them

15 down is Subway

I’m not sure the last time I saw an orange version of this! I’ve seen orange frys… when there’s a DiS meat that you and I can both attend then we’ll gather some and devour them.

21 Across is Baronet