It's getting on for Wednesday evening

Please show me some delicious dinners and tell me about your day. After last night’s dinner fail I’m having it tonight!

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Hi. Nice parsnips!

Duno what to have for tea myself.

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Potato and leek soup and ciabatta for dunking.

Not seen parsnips in the shops for ages, must be coming soon.

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Leftover dominos pizza for tea. Yum. Not. Lammo’s 6music album club on the radio, Portishead - Dummy being played in full if that takes your fancy.

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I made a leek and potato soup (independently of someone slurring them this morning) with some crispy bacon and kale. Pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

This evening, I have to research and book a restaurant in Edinburgh on Saturday.




Evening all!

Its been a day! I’m shattered. Work has been rather busy but I’ve been WFH so not had to commute at least, and meant I was in to receive my delivery today of…

Which I’m very excited about. Going to make beef quesadilla’s for tea when Mr s_w is home. In the meantime think I’m gonna have a nice bath.


What sort of place you looking for?

Pub quiz pub quiz pub quiz pub quiz pub quiz

Garlic & chilli roast chicken and chips for tea. Very tired, would love a beer but got none in :disappointed_relieved:


where do you work again?


I don’t live at work.


(Edit : tandoori salmon thing from the roasting tin book)

Good news, my mouth / teeth are feeling much better. Either that or the drugs are working


Nor should you. But more forward planning is needed Ivor.

My potato and leek soup came out pretty dul tbh so ive been slamming in sumac, urfa chili and loads of pepper when i reheated it

Had a very good thali at Kalpna in Edinburgh.

Tell me about it!

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If it helps I’m having a beer. Probably not. Sorry x

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You’re not sorry at all.

You’re right. Sorry not sorry

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