"It's got a Pentium II processor"

I don’t know but Michael Dell is a massive personal supporter of the Republican party so unless their machines are particularly cheap I would be comparing MacBook Pros to stuff like top end MS Surface options or Lenovo maybe?


Maybe it was a 386SX if it was struggling? 16-bit bus on a 32-bit processor or something.

Pfft. No idea to be honest.

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The word Pentium makes me oddly nostalgic, I hate it

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I believe it was a 286 from the vaguries of my memory.

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Still love how badly Apple fucked up their British versions of that by failing to realise who we usually rooted for in Peep Show :smiley:

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Cripes! Really??

I remember Matthew & Graham having a 486 and CM just whizzing along on it.

Don’t forget MHz had a lot of play in those days. The 486 wasn’t just 32-bit, if you had a 50MHz processor it was significantly faster even than the 486DX 33MHz with some games.

Also memory. I recall having a number of different startup options in my Autoexec.bat to allow me to put in memory management stuff for games vs just normal running. If you setup to access the memory over 640K you could get some heavy stuff moving. Whereas if you had a 286 you might even have still had a 512K memory on it which would have made it seem even slower.

I can’t help but think you’re enjoying my illiteracy, Theo!


Pcs used to be such a faff

Yeah. Nightmare really. Also I have no idea how I did all that shit without Internet!

Has it got leather seats?

Someone obviously hasn’t read my “It’s got a Pentium III processor” thread…

Maybe I have, maybe I have not. (I have not)

Wouldn’t bother tbh

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updates spreadsheet

It was all. In magazines wasn’t it, tips and tricks bits. Except nothing was anywhere near as compatible and universal ilas it is now.

Also remember getting books from the library which would’ve been hopelessly out of date by the time I read them

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iconic tho