It's here, it's too early, it's Friday evening

Those 6pm rules can’t stop me.

Some weirdo just found like my only public post on facebook (a video of some long tailed tits) and posted this.

Looked on his page. One of the only pages he likes is this

That’s…not ok

Tell me about your evening plans…

Still working. Got a big spreadsheet to work on but insufficient concentration span to do so

6 year old wanted Taco Bell for tea (don’t think he knew what it was) so got that and have just finished and have instant stomach ache.

No idea what to do tonight tbh. Hurt my neck a bit so not gonna work out

Evening. I’m at Teebs, but annoyingly the restaurant is shut so I’m eating a posh cheese and onion toastie in the car park. This week has absolutely flown by but I’m very glad it’s the weekend.

Here’s a photo for @profk


checks calendar

yep, I was wrong.

Did you vote no? Amateur

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Evening everyone :blush: :wave:

Anyone potentially fancy a zooooom later on?


yeah, I foolishly thought the lockdown would prevent Teebay action from happening.


:beers: :tv:

Ooooo yeah, I might as I’ll be up working anyway

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My work does not acknowledge lockdown


Here for another 90mins or so then home. Hearty carrot and coriander soup for tea and some of the herbal tea. Wooo

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Saturday Kitchen!

Very excited.


Made a sweet potato and coconut soup for me and the partner, and home made pizza pockets for the kids.

Feel like I’ve been slapped in the face I’m so tired. Want to buy and play a racing video game.

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Just given the boy a bath, I’ve cracked open a beer, and dinner’s in the oven.

No plans for later, so probably just vegging in front of the tv

Please could someone summarise the Jackie Weaver thing for me? There’s literally hundreds of posts, and I can’t work out where even to start

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Evening all!

I did some teaching, some marking and then played some computer games.

Wor Lass made a fish stew with dumplings (not sure it totally goes but it was tasty) and we’re watching Addams Family (recent, cartoon version on Netflickers).

We’re either watching the new Bill & Ted or Devil In A Blue Dress later hopefully.

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Finished a long report at noon but just waiting until 4:30 to send it out so it looks like I’ve been working on it all day.

Whoops @moderators can you send this over to the evening thread. FFS.

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fucked it in the wrong thread. Thanks @anon76851889. Top moderating. I need a beer.

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