It's here, it's too early, it's Friday evening

It’s a recording of an unintentionally very funny parish council meeting in Cheshire, that’s part Harold Pinter and part The Thick of It. Jackie Weaver is a bit of a hero against a whole bunch of rude men. HotBeefTrauma found it, Scout tweeted it, ma0sm edited it and DiS is seemingly responsible for the whole thing going viral


Congratulations Slicky! :bride_with_veil:

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Evening anyway. Tonight’s plans:

  • film on Netflix (am looking at The Florida Project as it came up as recommended);
  • wine
  • chicken berry Britannia (which is the king of Dishoom recipes imo)

For now, I’ve stuck The Ascension on and have cleared the living room.


Pizza o’clock


Got a crush on anyone at the moment?

  • Yes (details below pls)
  • No

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I’d love to go out and see people to even crush on. But being in the same four walls with the same people isn’t conducive to pie in the sky unrealistic romantic thoughts.

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I’m long overdue for a dentist’s appointment. If that’s what you’re asking.


I’ve been in bed all day, was up late playing Cyberpunk 2077 and prematurely finished the game by making the wrong decision at a pivotal moment.

Just had sosij chips and beans. Gonna get back into bed and watch whatever football is on, then I’m gonna order some cans and some Haribo because fuck going to the shop.

i was playing ctr on ps4 the other night. it still bangs.

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so i got one of them m&s meal deal things for tonights dinner. at this point, it feels like the most exciting thing to happen in so long. i am on tenterhooks

The Duke (Bridgerton)

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Glenn Branca’s finest!


bought something from a brand who send every bit of correspondence with

Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 18.23.18


I’m filling out a customer survey (the cashier deserved some positive feedback, plus I could win £1000!)

Mrs CCB is lucky to have me.


Made brussel sprouts nasi goreng, so about to settle in for a violently farty evening.


I keep all my crushses to DiS members (all of you, obviously)

Thought for a moment I had a non-DiS crush but I remembered he’s just a former diser.


but was he a crush when he was a diser, or only now?

I was his crush when he was a diser. Obviously only started fancying him when he stopped fancying me. Ofc.


This Is The Way

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Ah, that would be creepy and wrong unless I could act on it.

For me crushes come from being served in a pub or shop, or someone smiling and making eye contact, and are pretty much always people I’ll never see again.