It's high time you lot started showing me a bit more respect around here

That’s literally the opposite of what I wanted to happen.


We’re so in sync sometimes

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How much do you have?

I know, it was meant to be. What are YOU going to do about it?

You know why that is?

Mutual Respect

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I have several hundred pounds.

is that like an x-man thing

Yeah, its kind of like an X-Men thing but the superpower is respect and the villain is “disrespectful community members”

this is pretty much the x-men plot, yeah

Can you ask this a bit more respectfully please?

Lucky you

That’s the Lightning Seeds

We’re talking Erasure here.


do you think anyone ever says ‘it’s low time’

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I think our colleagues over on the music board probably say it all the time when they’re preparing to listen to that boring band they all spaff themselves over.


genuinely one of the first times i’ve laughed today. thank you Ant.

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Insert name of The Wrens here

Its high time you started showing me a bit more respect

I’m trying, I really am

Again, I am willing to pay money in order for you to show me more respect.

Haha. You have now earned +100 respect

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