It's home time 🕺


go home


17 minutes, 2cows


thank fucking christ, see ya


not for me :frowning:


it’s never home time :skull_and_crossbones: :sob::sob::sob:


Thanks boss, have a good evening!


Am home :sunglasses:


Check yr privilege


:house: :running_man: :office:


I’ve left my iPod and earphones on my desk.

I’m going to have to listen to people being annoying all the way home and all the way in tomorrow morning.

Irked. Might have to stop in the city centre and buy a back up pair of earphones.


another brilliant simpkins reference!


so sorry to hear about your situation :frowning:


worked 9-3 today and went to the pub for my dinner. wahey.


what a way to make a living!


I’ve been at home since two o’clock. Watched a bit of a James Brown documentary and now I’m going to clean the bathroom. Life is good.


it’s i feel good y’eejit :wink: