It's Home Time




Not for 15 minutes.

I have achieved very little today.


u r me


we made it!


On the tram. Going to my gran’s for tea tonight. She called me last night and asked if I wanted to come over. She said we’ll have to be finished by 7:15 coz she’s going to bible study after. I said I’ll cone for my tea but prob leave the bible study, ta




That’s me in the corner


Good joke.


Thanks mate


burrito time more like!!


Where’s the rest of the club?


Few things better than cutting about half cut listening to music en route home


Is this the evening thread? Was just on a video conference and couldn’t get over how handsome I was looking. Lighting in my home office is spot on :ok_hand:


What are you listening to? You should listen to THE CLASH.


Funnily enough I was listening to them last night, I was also stood on a table at the time.
Was listening to Kate bush, then bob Dylan and then rusangano family with regards to @Kallgeese



Have a few more for me Lopes. Confined to my bed here.


Will do paisan. You alright?


Just a bit under the weather. To be honest, I’m trying to recover so I can go to a rave tomorrow night!


Haha a fucking rave! :grinning:
You’ll be tip top before you know it :+1:


Cork City game, then pints, then out to a manor house in the countryside. These lunatics are organising it.

I’ll recover!