It's hometime 🕺

go home


I’ve been at home for 2hrs m9

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Just given a pint of blood away :syringe:

What would you have

  • Orange club
  • Mom club
  • Cheese tuc (pack of two)
  • Custard creams (X3)
  • Bourbon (X3)
  • Salt and vinegar Seabrook
  • Cheese Seabrook
  • Salted seabrook

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Better than the 11hr days I’ve done for the rest of the week.



it took me a while to realise this was a list of biscuits

i should go home

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lovely jubbly salt and vinegar Seabrook biscuits

you’re not the boss of me now

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fine, stay at work!

Christ this reminds me of the one and only time I gave blood, I had a Penguin and some crisps and loads of squash after and I still fainted. Never again. Felt horrific for the entire evening afterwards :expressionless:

love a tuc

Only time I ever see them :slight_smile:

(I had a tuc and an orange club)

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I’m home! Making soup!

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Pub quiz!
Last time I went to to this pub (also for a pub quiz), Ellie Goulding walked in, went to the bog, came out, nodded towards a table and left.

is seabrook biscuits the horse off that film

it is nowhere near hometime

wow, our guess the celeb rounds are usually just a badly photocopied picture


it is in Chelsea tbf

I am on the way home!