Its Hump Day Morning 29/1

I even did the date the opposite way again for you lovely folk. Whats everyone got in store for this Wednesday morn? Think I might work from home tomorrow fuck it, as we passed our state audit on job site and I’m waiting on new equipment that won’t show up until Friday.

@safebruv is required to show pictures of wonderful food and glorious landscapes abroad.

Everyone else post as you may! Have a lovely day everyone.


It’s been hot here today. I am just listening to the new Wire album after playing Craven Faults a number of times in a row, something I blame @McGarnagle for.

Later tonight we’re seeing Sebadoh so I’d better get on and put on that new(ish) album.


Whoa whoa whoa, @McGarnagle is my man, and the Craven Faults have released the best disc in 2020 so far. Get yourself on the rolling ambient/drone/modern composition thread theo!


I go all over for my music :smiley:

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BTW where’s @Matt_was_taken been hiding out lately?

Good morning, afternoon, evening, night.

I’m being mean on the internet and should put down my phone, get in bed, read my book and pet Tanuki.


Hey there good to see you! and hey Tanuki! look at that little tongue :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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He is the Blepmeister!


Bed time for me, be good to each other. See you in the morn. I’ll leave you with a tune.


That ceiling hasn’t come down :partying_face:

Full day of total, total bullshit meetings ahead, then three and a half hours of using this country’s wonderful and extremely functional rail network to get home. I’ll be glad when the day’s over, tbqfhumble.

Godspeed brother. You don’t seem like the man that would enjoy those germ invested boxes like myself. I believe in you though, you’ll power through you got this.

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Also I can’t sleep anymore, insomnia to the max fuck.

morning all :wave:

i got some new glasses yesterday after ages of needling new ones. happy with how they look, seem really clear and all that, but the arms seem a bit wobbly vertically so they don’t always sit on my face straight, which is somewhat rubbish. ergh, might have to send them back :sob:

in other news we have our Christmas party tonight at work. long, boring story but should be fun.


Sorry mate send them back is my advice. New glasses should always sit well IMO


I probably will - I’ve asked if this is just how they’re supposed to be or whether they’re just broken/a screw somewhere needs tightening, cos if so at least then I know whether to ask for a repair/replacement on these frames or to get totally new ones.

this is totally where I wish I’d got them from a high street shop rather than Glasses Direct - would have been sorted ASAP but this way there’s a faff going back and forth with them. oh well.

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Bread day. Taking a stab at this.


Morning morning

Trying to figure out where to escape to for some of the day while R is out because home is really scary and unbearable. If anyone has any suggestions of somewhere quiet-ish I can spend a few hours in East London without spending too much money I would be very receptive to this.

Got about two and a half hours to navigate at home before I can get out, really hoping everyone else just stays in bed.

I actually got out of bed rapidly instead of staying hiding in bed for ages and making myself have to rush

Well done


My day off and I’m about to get out of bed. Fucking hell.

Can you go to a library and read? Or a quiet museum or gallery?

Lots of love to you xx