It's International Change Your Avatar Day


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I don’t want you to like my post @avery I want you to commission me a portrait!

Please, my sweet Prince x

When I’ve stopped cowering behind the sofa, I’ll talk to Bam about it.

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Alright everyone can change back now, I’ve done myself over here, dead confused about who everyone is


oh alright then


I already miss your bunny :frowning:

But… but… accordian typewriter mystery cat! What isn’t to love about that?

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guys it is no longer international change your avatar day, and you may not change your avatars again until next year

can you maybe bend the rules for yourself?

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don’t think so, no


Who would be up for a game of secret avata? Names in a hat, you each get to choose someone else’s avatar and they have to guess who chose it. They also have to use it until next ICYAD whenever idk

I like it, definitely, but it’s no :rabbit:

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