It's June! It's Wednesday! It's the daily thread

Are u sure the cat hasnt starved?

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Got so delirious with excitement about the cat that i failed to mention that M got up, largely left me alone to snooze, and dressed herself.

This day is groundbreaking.


Think I had too much to dream last night

Thought he might have left home but he’s just started his racket now

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Morning all.

Some exciting first day admin to do this morning, then some reading this afternoon.

Happy June one and all, also, happy bday Jimbo!

Tired today - full day at Legoland yesterday which was equal measures awesome and exhausting. Kids adored it, but the youngest felt a bit poorly when we got home, and then about 11 bells last night he promptly spewed all over the bed and the carpeted floor so that was a lot of fun to deal with.

Chilled one today, hanging with family, brother’s bday, and I’m going to look for corn buntings cos what else would you do when you’re on holiday?


Going bouldering for the first time ever this eve.

Almost certainly gonna be shit at it

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Morning friends :wave: happy birthday jimbo :partying_face:

Woke up to a message from one of my Nanna’s carers saying she’s not very well, so a bit worried :slightly_frowning_face: think I’ll go over there later and see her. Was meant to be going to the cinema tonight but we shall see, might not be feeling it.

On a brighter note, here’s a blurry screenshot from a video I finally captured of le cat carrying her raccoon


Take care! See nanny and maybe if u feel a bit unsure a big tub o popcorn and ice cream may help?

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Thank you lovely ducky! That sounds like a good plan :blush: x

Why yes I think I can cope with breakfast in the park thank you very much


As is traditional the photo for my new pass is terrible.


Morning all, first of many Fridays (with apols to anyone having to work) so just got to get through a super busy day of calls, meetings and generally trying to cram a week’s worth of work into 3 days and then it’s off to the pub for some lovely pints with pals tonight

Picking up a stepladder off Marketplace in my lunchbreak and no idea how or when I’m going to get it home, but that’s a problem for another day I think…

the weekly bankruptcy auction that I often buy guitar & music stuff from regularly has all sorts of objects for sale and this week it’s really disturbing me that they have some actual Nazi memorabilia

It feels like I should be reporting it somewhere … or maybe I’m being over sensitive?

But who buys this ffs?

If it’s museums and galleries then I’d say it’s okay, maybe also artists doing work that uses it to highlight the risk of the stealthy rise of fascism.

Outside of that it just needs to be buried or melted down.

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I was caught out by the morning chill forwardslash having a bit of hay fever related chill. Thought to myself “oof, it’s r8 cold this morning” and went out in my fleece and my raincoat.

Cue getting to work and being a sweaty energy-less MESS who SMELLS*

*I normally smell - even my posts stink!

I’ve got a day off today, so 5 day weekend for me.

I’m heading into London later for the first time in ages. My house mate has his bands first gig since before the pandemic. So im helping him take some drum bits up on the train. Then I’ll mooch round London and maybe find a pub while they sound check.

The venue is called 229, which I’ve never been too. Feels weird going to a gig after all this time.

The only other gig I had planned was The Locust, which had finally been cancelled after 2 years.

yeah, it’s not a museum piece. Opening bid is about £20

there’ll be some neo-nazi Swedish kid or pensioner that buys this

makes me feel gross just thinking about it

Yes. Someone drilling nextdoor. Brilliant

didn’t get out of bed until 10. in theory i have loads of work to do today but that’s up for debate imho. just had a very nice bagel, on my second cup of coffee.