It's just another manic monday

Just how manic were The Bangles’ Mondays? They were young - they probably had no idea just how manic Mondays would get in the future

Anyway, daily thread. You know the score.

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Just another futile monday, ennui started Sunday.

Have to work and yet my brain is like…hey let’s write something instead, despite not wanting to the last 4 days i had off. Got a tour at a really annoying time later. Not sure any of this is manic but the 80s loved that capitalist rat race stuff didnt they.

M just woke me up by telling me about the Meat House where bears go to be turned into sausages and ribs.


Definitely manic enough to grind my side hustle.

Actually just going to Specsavers before working from home

Big Monday. Gotta find someone to swap a meeting room with on Wednesday.
But before that I’ve gotta go to the shop, rookie mistake of no toilet roll in. Really want a coffee first but it’s just too risky

Booked today as annual leave to have a day away from everything and just do what I want to do. Turns out the in-laws, who look after the kids on Mondays, both have covid, so guess what? That’s right, I get to use a days annual leave being a dad. Excellent.

Was going to take them to a PYO place over near where @hankscorpio lives, but cba, so probably mooch into town, grab some bits to make cottage pies with and resent everything

Not got up in time to walk to work for the time i want to start so will have to WFH which is a real shame.


Most manic:

  • The Bangles’ Monday
  • Jet Set Willy’s mining skills
  • Whichever street preacher it was that the Welsh band named themselves after
  • Other (please specify)

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Apologies for the 80s-ness of the cultural references in this poll

Im manic alrigh
Manically full of covid :face_with_monocle:

Well enough to work from home so its a double whammy

Also my friend and colleague got the day off and told them we were going on a bender saturday so even if i was too ill to work id be too scared to say so… thanks tony!

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Dont reckon people have seen jet set willy in action


Was going to go for a bike but my legs don’t want to play. Left calf has been a bit sore for a few weeks but the whole set is done in this morning.

Could do with wandering down to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription but that’ll be it in terms of physical activity today, I think.

Any activity which makes drinking alcohol a calorie negative activity is a good activity


Those are some tough breaks.

Enjoy the cottage pie though.

How do you stop being self conscious whilst dancing?

  • Alcohol
  • Other (completely legal officer) substances
  • Natural endorphins from the exercise and that
  • I keep my eyes closed the whole time
  • I copy the person next to me
  • I only dance around nice people
  • I’m just a really good dancer

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Technically Prince’s Monday was the original most manic one.

Fucked the options here haven’t you. Only choose 7? Amateur stuff.



(Angel Olsen first draft etc)


office day ahead for me

also setting my objectives for the year even though im being made to move to another team for a third/half of the year, making all these goals pretty irrelevant lol


Someone said i was ‘on form’ with my dancing on Friday but i took that to mean ‘youre usually shit and are ok tonight’