It's lunch time



Is that deep fried mac n cheese?

what is that mate.



Already had lunch 45 mins ago. Toast and marmalade. 2 slices.

Left my bloody great leftovers at home like a FUCKING PRICK

Needs more cheese

I want lots of little picnic bits for lunch. Got some of those Linda McCartney chorizo sausages, might have that with any other cupboard/freezer picnic I can muster.

I’d get nothing done for the rest of the day after eating that

there’s a bagel shop down the road that does a scrambled egg and cheese bagel which i’ve got mad cravings for. gonna get that and slather it in ketchup.

i’m fucking starving and have no one to go to lunch with. might google where the nearest burrito place is and just get on a bus.

This photo doesn’t do it justice tbh. It was huge. Christ I feel a bit sick now.

I prefer:

  • Taking my lunch alone
  • Taking my lunch with others

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Mushroom, spinach and cheese empanada and a strawberry and mango smoothie from the market.

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hate when people try to talk to you while you’re eating.

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LME burrito club all secretly hate each other I see.


when good people still worked here having lunch with them was the only good bit of my day tbh. now it’s all pretty miserable, especially eating lunch at my desk.

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Healthy salad for me in advance of a ridiculous amount of bread and cheese in Barcelona

  • Eating lunch
  • Taking lunch (tory)

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Prefer: alone
But every day eat with others :frowning: