Gone a bit noddy holder there but oh well.

I’m unreasonably excited about a pret misery salad just coz my office is so unbearable.


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trying to think if somewhere will sell me a fishfinger sandwich

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toasted hash brown sandwich from the caff on the corner, lots of tomato sauce

I need to visit one of the food trucks as I’ve got loads of meetings this afternoon in and around my traditional lunchtime.

Should I have:

  • The Greek Cafe - Souvlaki
  • Kang Foo Noodles - Noodles
  • Mexican Burrito - Burrito

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Once again having a seeded flat bread with vegan shawarma kebab and salad. More out of laziness than deliciousness and it takes 5 mins to make, but is also delicious.


Is that luardos? Id killer a man for a luardos right now.

Nah, don’t think so

Sandwich but without the bread

Down whitecross?

just egg mayo in a cup

Sounds delicious

Nah, my office is no longer there.

Oh no!

sunny out so gonna rinse some indiepop too

it’s not even lunchtime

got another hour and a half

Pitta stuffed with feta, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, chillies, yellow pepper. Drizzle of olive oil, bit of lemon juice and that.


Passion fruit yogurt

Mexican Chilli McCoys


I actually am glad about it!

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Was going to wait till half 12 but can’t be arsed

I’m all alooooonnnnneeee so office rules no longer appppllllyyyyy

can anyone beat that?