Got to excited with breaking the rules and opened my whole packet of rice before microwaving instead of lightly tearing as suggested

Ooohhh shhhiiiiiittt

Ttthiiisss iiisss pppuuunnnkk roooxxckkkk

left my sarnies at home like some kind of big ol’ berk

already had it innit. bagel. again.

spag bol

Operating a three-tier lunch system today because of my working schedule

Cheese and tomato omelette with hot sauce
Toast and jam
Desk Salad

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What was in that bad boy?

going to have a mocha and a KitKat for lunch, SO BAD. But I had two (small) glasses of win with dinner last night and as a result my blood sugar is fucked today, so may as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.




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It’s just not like me. My dinner companion was aghast.

On a bit of a boring lunch week so same as yesterday - salami and leerdammer and a bit of new york style pickle.

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Love a bit o’ pickle

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Got pizza instead


scale of that pepperoni is messing with my head

It’s something else

you mean it’s really good?

No I mean “it is something that is not pepperoni”

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A had a jam sandwich because of cba.

ugh can you all stop getting paid while i’m here with my austerity bagel

That looks exceptional

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