It's Monday again ffs

Got up and exercised but have absolutely no buzz from it, feel a bit sick actually. Got an hour til I need to leave for work. Eating a bagel, drinking coffee. Standard.

What bounce are u mondaying, huns?

Got about 16 minutes before i need to leave cba cba cba :persevere::sob::cry::sob::cry:

Odd week for me this week. In today, off tomorrow, in Wednesday then a 4 day weekend. One of our sprinkler pipes has burst meaning there is a torrent of water pouring through the ceiling atm. Finishing at 3, can’t wait

Morning Eric

Had a slightly boozy date last night (4 pints, just crisps for dinner), but luckily it was an early start/ finish do I don’t feel toooo bad

Need to take my car for its MOT - then go to Burgess hill for work. If the MOT takes too long I’ll have an excuse to WFH instead, so kind of hoping for that

What kind of maniac books their MOT for 1st thing on a Monday?

7:45 on a Monday and I’m already annoyed by something on twitter ffs

Went out for a run earlier and jeeeeeez is Newcastle cold and windy today. And the wind just seemed to be blowing against me no matter what way I ran?!? Stupid wind.

I have a lot of work to do this week and I am basically dreading it.

I’m delighted to see Monday because Sunday’s hangover is gone.
Wasted a day with that one :frowning:
Also I’ve just had an amazing breakfast of poached eggs and smoked salmon. Feel set up for the day.

I would like to find out who scheduled Monday for today and report them to HR for this misconduct.


How did you sleep?

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Train is horribly overcrowded because the previous one was cancelled. Bit of an odd situation at work: the promotion I got last year was on a secondment basis, and it may end up coming to an end shortly through no fault of my own - my boss (who holds the substantive post) was interviewed for a permanent position on Friday and said he’d come back to me if there was any news, but hasn’t come back to me, and now he’s on leave for a week. At least it wouldn’t be my fault, but I’ll be a bit gutted as I feel like I’m just getting to grips with the role.

First day back at work after 2 weeks off and I’m up early, showered, made lunch, got a nice coffee on the go. What could possibly go wrong, other than the whole work bit? Mentally bracing myself for the absolute shitshow I’m expecting to find, but it probably won’t be that bad. Probably.

Morning babes

Had a walk before work, going swimming after work. Not sure what’s got into me recently but loving it.

Looking forward to this week, going to world film premiere tomorrow(!) (Skleněný pokoj (2019) - Teaser Trailer / Karel Roden, Carice van Houten - YouTube) and think I have the weekend free atm so might go somewhere nice.

Of course it was rainy throughout most of my days off and of course it’s cloudless and really nice when I’m in work and will have to keep adjusting the blinds to not mess up my eyes

Work from home this morning

Afternoon meeting with the head of programming at Swedish Radio and Young Fathers/Florence & the Machine gig tonight

so knackered though, need an extra day of weekend

also need a haircut

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listened to some at the drive-in (good)
then a bit mars volta (bad)

feeling good today. wonder how long that’ll last.




Reckon I’m going to be about 45 minutes late for work today. Don’t care.

This is ace, what a transformation!

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It’s a lovely sunny day here and I haven’t really done much exercise during my time off, but I’m quite lazy and I’ve got the use of my parents’ car this week. 3 minute drive to work vs 15 minute walk.

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I want to go back to sleep but I have a house viewing.