It's Monday again

I’m sorry.


WFH as we have a midwife appointment. Currently working on some music over breakfast.

Saw a massive car fire on the motorway this morning. Has really put my Monday morning into perspective

Very windy in :belgium: so gonna try and get ourselves to Dunkirk by train. We’ve got nine hours :crossed_fingers:

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Coffee and frasier, back to it then lads. Cant wait to queue on the platform to get on the overground and wait for 20 minutes in pret for my cappuccino.

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Up at 5.30 to drive to Ipswich. Currently sat on the a14 not moving

Hi. I’m here.


I am also here. Hello.


morning :wave:

very high levels of cba today, 95% chance of a bullshit day at work, back hurts for no obvious reason, great. need to think of something to have to look forward to like a holiday or a day off or something.

Got a meeting that I’ve realised I probably should have prepared for :woman_shrugging:

Really early for it so having a freezing cold chai latte in Takk but too much of a wimp to complain about it.

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Morning all.

Tired. Up late making sauce after spending most of yesterday sleeping off a hangover. After dry January I had a very wet February. I should probably find a point between the two for March.

But I have a massive portion of leftover spicy pasta and meatballs for lunch and a new batch of wanker coffee to open so all is right with the world.

Hope you’re all well.



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Really glad I get to walk to work

Means I have zero excuse for being late tho


Not even at the roadworks yet. Some lorries crashed into each other

The Mondayist Monday that ever Mondayed. Fuck off Monday.

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Sitting on the train. CBA.
Have discovered work haven’t paid me yet. This is Not Good. :disappointed_relieved:

It’ll be plain sailing once you’re past Cambridge.

Managed to drop my phone down the toilet shortly after getting up this morning. It’s now sat in a bowl of rice.

Work is looking grim today. Ugh.


Already fed up and I haven’t even showered yet :+1:

Is this just how it is?

So Wednesday at this rate :grinning: