It's Monday, back to work proles

Except me, I’m still sunning it up in Ibiza until Thursday.

Can anyone hear the sound of the worlds smallest violin where I complain about cutting the sole of my foot on a sharp rock in the sea?

Anyway, I woke up and looked at my phone to see a pop up message saying my Apple ID had been used on a new device, which is EXACTLY what I want to read on holiday. First I checked the “find my” app, and there’s nothing new on there. Then I Google to see how I can check what devices are authorised, and once I figured that I found the right bit in my settings, but there was nothing different there. But what if someone had got hold of one of my old phones? So I spend some time deactivating those devices from my account. And then I remember that when I plugged my iPad in to charge yesterday it said it was going to do a software update overnight. Turns out that was the cause. FOR FUCKS SAKE APPLE!!!


Morning! I slept badly because I was thinking about work things.

Work :computer:
Swim :swimming_woman:
Cinema :clapper:

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I’ve been at work for the last 3 weeks, so it’s only right that we’re off again this week. Think this could be the last ever ‘free’ week off though, so going to try and enjoy it.

Dog walk.
Bike ride.
Try and find a window cleaner and someone to clear the guttering.

I have a new work plan (basically splitting my days between my different work streams) and an hopefully it will be the thing to finally make a difference to my concentration/motivation.

Spring Nature Challenge results this afternoon! :tada::cherry_blossom::sheep:


Work Penguin GIF


Not working today but have a long list of chores so am going to try and be productive (which may also include doing a bit of work so I’m on top of it come tomorrow).

Wish the sun would come back though, I find it so hard to fully wake up on days like this.

Also a bit excited because I live near a (fairly inner city) bit of grassland that has cows on it over summer and I think this week might be the week they turn up :crossed_fingers:

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Been at work since 5. Suppose today is my Friday as I’m off tomorrow. Lots of comments about looking slimmer. Well yeah you’d look slimmer too if you hadn’t eaten for the best part of a week. I’ll take the compliments though


Just discovered they collect the garden recycling bin on a different day to the normal rubbish and recycling down here…

What kind of nonsense is this…?

Looks like I’m going to the tip again later this week.

First day proper in my new job today.

We’re bunkering down in one of @inthedusk’s city centre properties to do some bid / plan writing.


good morning everyone, hope everyone had a good weekend irrespective of how long or not it was.

my partner and the kids leave for nine weeks on wednesday so, naturally, my mood is low.

Just found out Catfish And The Bottlemen have apparently broken up.

Forgot about our hotels awful morning slow jams. Track after track of incredibly boring lounge covers of famous songs. Some guy is murdering Ironic right now.

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Today’s tiredness level: tried to snooze my alarm by swiping left on my eyelid and not my phone

It didn’t work

Well, it worked really well until 9 o’clock…

Morning all!

It’s The Child’s actual birthday today so we all had a bit of a lie in and she had cupcake for breakfast. I’ve been using leftover/ practise cake to produce a significant calorie surplus in my diet for the last ten days now and I’m actually quite excited not to have any left. We only have three cupcakes, three cake pops and about half of a mango sponge to go. She’s gone to nursery with more cake too.

I’ve got a handful of phone calls to make, emails to send and essays to mark but it should be a gentle day all in all.


Got a big round sunburnt head. I look like Wayne Rooney’s lollipop.

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Strong lol. On way in to office, which has taken convoluted routes due to strikes, for a meeting that someone has just cancelled. Cancellation reason?

“I’ve just realised there are strikes so won’t be coming in”


They’ve done you there

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Truly. They also were super sharp on it being a very important meeting to have at 10am on a Monday.

I am displeased

Morning peeps!

Back in the office, lights being ‘tested’ this morning so effectively just sitting in the dark wishing it was Wednesday evening again

Anyone used one of these magic shower head gizmos? Feel pretty sure it won’t do much, but still tempted to give one a try as our shower is barely a dribble atm