it's monday evening, i reckon

what’s the deal? it’s mexican monday at casa del eric and i am quite excited. also bought x files on bluray and gonna start that in a bit.

wbu huns, what’s for tea?

On my second double gin and the highlight of my day is Billie Eilish coming on in the pub :grimacing: what an absolute shit day.

Learning Russian vocab belatedly before my lesson in 90 mins and trying not to cry, hbu x

Sorry @ericVI that is the worst first response :frowning:


Burritos, mates!

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On the train home. Annoying couple sharing a table with me. Anxiety levels quite high today.

Sorry to hear youve had a shocker! Hope the g&t helps. X


Waiting for my new housemate/ATD to get home so I can help him make curry.

:wave: off to a neighbourhood meeting thing :expressionless:

Gnocchi for tea after that. Early night I think. WFH tomorrow :slight_smile:
Probably watch an episode of 6 feet under.

Going out for a curry. Then quizzing with my old music quiz team. Don’t know how to break it to them that I haven’t listened to any chart music since I left a year ago.


Hope you’re back on top soon @TheBarbieMovie2023

I’m spending the evening watching Glasto sets (Billie Eilish, Kylie, Miley Cyrus, Chris) as my wifi is working (for now at least)

Might do a yoga too


i’m not really into burritos anymore, more of a taco man now


Do love tacos. Love all the mexican tortilla based delights.




This is like when garfield stopped eating lasagne


I have also had the king of shit days. Lots of love to you pervo, let’s rise again tomorrow.

With slightly gin addled faces :crazy_face: xx

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On my way home, waiting for my sushi takeaway to get ready.

Leaving for holidays on Weds, so need to sort out stuff around the house etc tomorrow. Will be boring but worth it.

Should be playing football then going to a pub quiz but instead I’m feeling shit so I’m sitting at home watching shite and feeling sorry for myself

Mexican here too. Tacos with yesterday’s leftover lamb, guacamole and onion garnish oh and some traditional cheddar cheese.
Brownies with strawberries and cream for pudding. Really fancy a drink and more Glastonbury footage but probably just going to read for a bit, in a bit.

Feel like I’ve been punched in the boob. Have bruises on my legs and a grazed knee. Really need to stop falling over/walking into things :cry:

Mondays nearly over!

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pics pls! let’s compare tacos

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I actually do quite like Russian lessons tbf, my teacher normally compliments my outfits but I’m wearing a pretty normal outfit today. She’s great, goes off on random tangents about how the BBC is more propaganda-y than Russia Today (!). Правда!!

One of the phrases on my vocab list for the week is ужасное настроение - ‘horrible mood’ :smiley: